Token Inalienable Reputation by Pandora Boxchain is for Ethereum Blockchain



Pandora Boxchain develops the token of reputation [19659003] Maxim Orlovsky, co-founder of Pandora Boxchain announced that the team of Pandora Boxchain has developed a reference implementation of the ERC1329 token. This token is available on GitHub. He went on to say that this token is not a substitute for normal tokens that have a market price and economic value, but are an addition to them. He said that these tokens are sometimes, but not always required to create a reliable and secure incentive system.

The Importance Of The Reputation Token

Developers must use multi-stage / replay games (related to game theory) when building reliable and decentralized P2P networks: in such situations, reputation tokens act as a measure that helps developers to build an economic point of view patterns of attractiveness for a particular economic game. This reputation operates as a binding factor that brings together the accountability of the actor over time and allows an environment to use the powers of repeated economic games. In such a reputation, the main aspect should be inalienability.

In a system of such reputation a special kind of token is needed that can be moved from one actor to another. Such a special token is necessary because if it is possible to transfer the reputation, then it would be possible to sell it and, if it can be sold, consequently interrupts the setting of the whole game and economic incentives. Create a different balance of Nash and as a whole get the worst security from the evil players (minor Byzantine tolerance). Keep in mind that private keys may be compromised, exposing the owner's tokens to theft, but not their reputation.

Main objective of Pandora's BoxAin project

The main objective of this project is to create a decentralized system at a global level artificial intelligence, very similar to the world's decentralized payment system of Bitcoin and the same computer decentralized world of ethereum. The team in charge of the project Pandora Boxchain believes that soon the world is moving towards a decentralized artificial intelligence (AI), and therefore the need to develop and launch a decentralized, reliable and global computing network to support this system. In line with this, the team began to create their own consent protocol called the Prometheus Consensus. The protocol uses the Reputation and Stakes mechanism that prevents the entire network from being compromised by malicious behavior of some participants.

The team has worked with a number of experienced developers to make it a success. They are currently inviting blockchain developers from around the world, visionaries and end users who are interested in AI to discuss and invent ideas about the future of Blockchain, as well as AI and ML, and part of the team to develop Pandora Boxchain open source ecosystem. For information on this project, check the official team website, reddit channel and telegram

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