TikTok creates a way to celebrate Arab grooms with celebrities


Despite the quarantine measures imposed by the spread of the new Corona virus on all areas of life, marriages in the homes of the people of the Gulf and Arab countries are still full. In this context, many spouses did not hesitate to celebrate their special day, even in the presence of a very small number of guests, and relying on the publication of videos on social media platforms.

It seems that this reality has aroused the interest of the curators of the “TikTok” application, who have decided to share the joy of each bride in the Gulf and the Arab region and start the story together. That’s why they invited activists on the question and a number of artists to join an initiative that aims to celebrate wedding occasions in a virtual way through congratulations and blessings, according to Laha magazine.

Many responded and responded to the invitation, the most important of which are the Lebanese media, Raya Abi Rashid, the artist Rabie Baroud, the Yemeni artist Belqis and the Syrian actress Dima Bayaa.

This initiative was an opportunity to step out, even in an unrealistic way, on the stone imposed by the spread of the new Corona virus. It has also provided all the newlyweds with the opportunity to celebrate the happiest event of their life in an unprecedented way they will never forget.


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