Thomson Reuters collaborates with CryptoCompare to monitor 50 cryptographic assets


The Canadian media and information society Thomson Reuters announced a partnership of encrypted data with the CryptoCompare cryptocurrency tracking resource, according to a July 31 press release.

As the press release explains, CryptoCompare will provide orders and exchange data on 50 cryptocurrencies for Reuters Eikon's financial desktop platform for institutional investors.

Sam Chadwick, director of Reuters' innovation strategy and blockchain, noted in the press release that "the decline in the price of many major cryptocurrencies in 2018" has not diminished the "growing demand from our customers to cover the prices of the main names ".

Reuters had already been involved in monitoring cryptocurrencies through a separate agreement with MarketPsych Data, which provided data for the detection of 100 cryptocurrencies in the Reuters sentimental data pool since June.

The moves come at a time when the tutorial integration of these resources remains an important point of discussion, with several commentators looking at the growing acceptance that this year will occur.

CryptoCompare founder and CEO Charles Hayter said in the press release that as markets mature, they saw growing interest from investor institutions:

"As digital asset markets mature, we see a demand in rapid growth by the institutional investor community for global data, in real time and on the global market, which can be considered the basis for investment decisions. " [19659008AccordingtothenewcomersoftheReuters'newspreferencing"wide-varietyofdispatches"withoutspecifyingthebeginningoftheyear

In March, Reuters also launched a Bitcoin sentiment data feed (BTC) to its MarketPsych Indices (TRMI), obtaining data by scanning over 400 cryptocurrency news and media sites .

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