This week in Cryptocurrency: November 2, 2018


Happy birthday, Bitcoin! You are a great 10 year old child!

Big week for the most beloved cryptocurrency in the world that turned ten on Wednesday (based on the date of publication of the white paper). It's amazing to look back and see how Bitcoin has come in the last ten years. Growing from a simple and unknown concept to being hailed as anything from a scam to the most influential invention of all time, it is clear that it has already made a significant mark in the world. Here you are, Bitcoin, and here is (at least) another ten years.

Unfortunately, the cryptographic market does not feel the same way. The market fell victim to Bart's classic inverted chart pattern this week, but the rally towards the end was not enough to leave us black. During the week, the entire market cap fell from $ 208.7 to $ 206.0 billion, leaving us with 1.29% lost.

Cryptocurrency market statistics (11/2/18)

Cryptocurrency market statistics (11/2/18)

Our first three coins continue to show even lackluster movements:

Bitcoin, the celebrated, abandoned 2.11% at just under $ 6,340.

Ethereum to break down 1.94% and now it's on the right under $ 200.

XRP contrasted the downward trend with a 0.36% price increase to around $ 0.46.

News on national cryptocurrency

Crypto Millionaire designs Blockchain Utopia: at the start of this week, the New York Times published on Jeffrey Burns, owner of Blockchains LLC, and on his plans to create a blockchain utopia in the Nevada desert. At the beginning of this year, Burns bought a huge plot of land in the area for $ 170 million – in cash. It plans to build a "distributed collaborative entity" on the ground where decision-making and profits are distributed among employees, residents and investors. Its purpose is to take the value of decentralization that exists in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and apply it to an entire community. This is a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays.

People who say things

Ron talks about truth: The ugly libertarian Ron Paul published a short article last Monday entitled Trump is right, the Fed is crazy. In it, criticizes the currency supported by the government and the ability of central banks to "constantly increase and decrease the supply of money in an attempt to control the economy by controlling interest rates". Even if you did not mention Bitcoin or cryptocurrency, we can read between the lines. We know you're a believer Bitcoin, boy Ronnie …

Jamie does not matter: During an Axios conference this week, JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon said that, regarding Bitcoin, "I do not care." He went on to say he believes that blockchain technology is real but he does not believe Bitcoin could replace a fiat currency. For a boy who presumably does not care about Bitcoin, he certainly talks a lot about it.

what's new in coincidence

Charlie Shrem on the evolution of Crypto, Centralization and Stablecoins: We talked to one of the original Bitcoin entrepreneurs. Read what he had to say.

DocuSign integrates the Ethereum Blockchain technology into its document cryptography program: DocuSign takes part in the party blockchain as a plus of Ethereum.

CEO of Binance Lauds Fidelity Investments enters the Crypto market: Some crypto-supporters are against the entry of the banks. CZ is not one of them.

Knowing when to exit a winning business: Yes, you're ready for your job. But do you know how to exit successfully without risking your earnings?

Bitit Exchange Review | Is it right for you ?: The French exchange wants to be the easiest way to buy crypto. However, this does not seem to be the case.

Price cycles tutorial: first pullback trading: Up and down. Up and down. Cryptographic prices often move in predictable cycles. Here's how to capitalize on them.

The Winkdex Blended Bitcoin index: how it works: The Winklevii are more than just Bitcoin users. Find out how their Winkdexs fuel pricing mechanisms around the web.

Is it too late to buy Bitcoin in 2018? Things to consider: You may think you've lost the Bitcoin boat. We have some reasons why you should probably think differently.

Justin Sun on the future of Tron, BitTorrent and Project Atlas: We talked with Tron's face (and brain) on everything the project did in the last year.

How to buy Litecoin on Coinbase using your phone: Because not everyone has time to sit down at the computer and make a purchase.

How Genesis Mining acquired the cloud mining industry: Cloud mining: scam or legitimate? Genesis Mining has made it completely clear that they fall into this last one.

Dance of the coin | Statistics led by the Community cryptocurrency: Coin Dance aims to decentralize data analysis, starting with, you guessed it, Bitcoin data.

KJ Erickson wants the public market to become a name for eCommerce for the home: A quick chat with the project CEO on the value of the token network effects and how the public market implements them.

Cryptocurrency News from around the world

China pulls Ol & # 39; Switcharoo: For what appears to be the hundredth time, the Chinese government has once again changed its mind about the legality of Bitcoin. According to the Chinese news site cnLedger, a Chinese court has confirmed that the possession of Bitcoin is protected by law. This ruling, issued by the International Arbitration Court in Shenzhen, emphasizes that both the possession and transfer of bitcoins in the country are legal activities.

Brazil begins to collect what is due: you know what they say. In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes (Brazilian). The Brazilian Federal Department of Finance published a document on Tuesday outlining the new rules for tax declarations related to cryptocurrency. One of the new rules: the exchanges of Crypto will now have to send monthly reports on the activities of the transaction and on the identity of their clients. In addition, both individual and institutional investors must report all transactions they have made on foreign markets if they have totaled more than $ 2,700 in the month. The penalty for not reporting? Up to three percent of the transaction value.

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