This week in cryptocurrency: December 14, 2018


"But it's not about how hard it is to hit, it's about how hard it is to be hit and move on" – Boxing Movie Man

The total capitalization of cryptocurrency fell from $ 104 to $ 102.1 billion, down 1.82% for the week, which is not so bad when compared to the markets that are beating, the last few weeks have taken over.

Bitcoin slipped down 4.58% for $ 3,241.

Ripple and Ethereum are down 4.87% is 4.61% respectively.

However, the market was not without greenery. EOS has increased by 6.28%, and some other alts have seen some massive gains that are reminiscent of 2017, a period in which the presence of a double-digit toll-free number in the cryptocurrency market occurred daily * illuminates and finishes a cigarette at once, stares sadly at a wall for a few moments *. The waves have improved 63.04%, TenX at the top 48.29%, Dentacoin up 33.45%and Swarm up 85.89%. A far cry from the historical highs of these projects, but a pleasant note in a few weeks otherwise trivial.

Cryptocurrency markets

Cryptocurrency markets 12/14/2018

News on national cryptocurrency

Members of Congress present invoices that oppose the manipulation of cryptographic prices: Republican Ted Budd and Democrat Darren Soto have joined hands along the corridor to end the manipulation of cryptocurrency prices. The two men introduced a couple of invoices that "direct the CFTC and other financial regulators to make critical recommendations on how to improve the regulatory environment for both the consumer and the development of the business".

The first account, The law on the protection of consumers in virtual currency, asks the CFTC to analyze the current price manipulation and propose regulatory changes to prevent it in the future. The second one, The law on the virtual currency market and on the regulation of competition, wants the organization to conduct a study on the regulations of other countries to find "alternatives to current burdensome regulations that could inhibit innovation". The new bill seems a victory for all the parties involved.

CFTC Looking for Ethereum know-how: The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) is looking for your Ethereum expertise. On Tuesday, the organization issued an information request (RFI) to learn more about the supernetwork of the smart contract.

The RFI includes surprisingly relevant questions such as: "Does the Ethereum network face scalability challenges? In that case, describe these challenges and any potential solutions." E "A demonstration of the stake consensus mechanism has been tested or validated. ladder? "Maybe these government officials know a little bit of blockchain after all …

People who say things

Mike Surfin & # 39; Bird Novogratz: In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the legendary crypto defender Mike Novogratz has released a bit of festive joy for the future of the industry. He said that, even if we are in a calm phase now, a huge wave is coming. And when it does, its company "better to be Laird Hamilton than crypto".

"What's Bitcoin?" -All Google published the 2018 Year in Search results this week and some cryptography topics took first place. "What's Bitcoin?" He took first place in the What is it…? category while "How to buy Ripple" has come in fourth place Such as category.

what's new in coincidence

How to dismantle IOTA without installing a complete node: Do you want to extract the IOTA? It's easier than you think.

The main supply chain chain projects for 2019: Startup corporate to Scrappy: Supply chains are not unrelated to the blockchain. Here are some of the best projects that give a boost to logistics.

Blockchain Industry Downturn causing nervousness of the Chinese investor: With the declining market crypto, some Chinese investors are becoming icy.

What is identity management? Security in the age of anonymity: Your identity is probably your most personal possession. Should not you have control over who sees it?

Eight things you need to know about cryptographic taxes: "Because I'm tax, yes, I'm a tax man."

How to pay taxes on cryptocurrencies: Only two things in life are certain: death and … well, you know.

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Decline Favors Persistent Miners: Have you ever heard the story of the two mice?

Identity management Blockchain | Data Security 2.0?: A: Equifax, Yahoo, Uber. Q: indicates three companies that have recently compromised your data.

Hackers spread Crypto Mining malware through routers: Hide your browsers, hide your routers, because they hack everyone here.

Blockchain Internet: Unchaining the Web: There are only a handful of organizations that control the Internet seemingly "decentralized". With blockchain, the Web could actually achieve this goal.

How to find the best accounting Crypto: a guide to find the guide through the fiscal season: Yes, we have heard that you need a tax guide. So, we made a guide on how to find a guide.

Review of CoolWallet S | What you should know about the mobile hardware portfolio: Because you are hot and cold, it conserves digital gold. Price up, and down, We smile, and we frown.

Cryptocurrency News from around the world

Venezuelan KFC Chick, Church & # 39; s Chick In: A series of news for Dash and Venezuelan chicken franchises this week. At the start of the week, Dash Venezuela announced that the country's KFC locations would soon accept Dash's cryptocurrency. However, apparently they jumped the gun on the announcement. Shortly thereafter, KFC Venezuela issued a correction, stating that they were only discussing the possibility.

Before we could place our wand, Dash and Church & # 39; s Chicken followed a further press release illustrating their new partnership. The fast-food chain will start accepting the cryptocurrency at 13 of their locations in Venezuela.

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