This book will make you a community manager from scratch


  • The role of the community manager has grown more and more and plays a key role in digital marketing.

  • There are a number of elements that we cannot miss when we communicate through social networks.

  • One of the most impactful channels in digital marketing is Facebook, which has become a very valuable platform in the market.

Social networks are today channels of great importance, because they have determined definitive guidelines in the interaction with the consumer, especially for the communication capacity that these media reach, both for the number of users they have, and for the dynamism of the contents. that can be generated on this platform and the immediacy they achieve in their daily work.

The importance of the community manager is due to the weight of the content, according to a study by SEMrush, which warns that creating content that generates quality leads is the primary focus of content marketing, followed by creating content that attracts more traffic, as well as developing content that resonates with digital audiences.

The above has opened a very important guideline and that is to adopt practices that help us manage the professional work of a community manager in our social networks and in the channels we adopt, when we carry out projects that include them.

For this reason, an element of great help in the construction of the guidelines is to understand the value of the market and beyond, to learn to determine the work that manages to innovate in the way we integrate social networks into our daily activity.

Within Community Manager: from beginner to expert (digital marketing # 1)

Cesar Casanova Y Karina Napoli they offer us a text that explains, they assure us, all the secrets that nobody wants to confess when it comes to managing social networks.

Something that makes this work extremely valuable is that it shows us proven examples of good social media strategies and helps us understand the benefits of applying the strategies used on these platforms today.

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