This app simplifies the writing of smart contracts for Ethereum


Writing smart contracts for Ethereum ETH is no longer reserved for programmers and programmers: now there is software that can do it automatically for you – or so the statements go.

Enter Fondu. The app provides a tool that helps non-programmers get into the game of the smart etereum contract and launches their ICO without needing to learn to code, or even to pay a programmer to write it for them.

The process is simple. All you need to do is answer some questions about the characteristics of your ICO and the required code is generated automatically. The files necessary for the launch of your ICO are made available for download. In addition, the implementation program is also included in the downloaded files, so it will also guide you through the launch process.

I was worried that if more tools like this became prevalent, the market would start to see a stream of weak BCA or illegible ICOs, compiled by people who do not intend to provide a product or service linked to the ICO token. However, Kolmogorov believes this will not be the case, as a smart ICO contract is such a small part of the overall launch of a cryptocurrency or a token.

Nikita Kolmogorov assures us, "I'm pretty sure my tool – making ICO slightly more accessible – will not make any new scams appear – they would have appeared even if I did not launch the product – and luckily, the smart contract is like at most 10 [percent] of ICO costs, so a fraudulent company would not benefit from it, even more: the launch of websites, smart-contracts and media-campaigns is no longer sufficient for a successful sale of tokens, so we should be safe here. "

That said, this is not a guarantee, clearly Kolmogorov means well and has honest intentions, but there is nothing that prevents Fondu from becoming a factory for future" shitcoin " . The market was already saturated with unreasonable cryptocurrency projects, many of which are now dead.

If a project like Fondu makes it easier to start a cryptocurrency project, it is reducing a barrier to entry that may be good, but it also opens flood gates for anyone to be involved. And as history has taught us, not everyone's intentions are as well as those of Kolmogorov.

Kolmogorov continued: "The most important thing is that now anyone can launch ICO with the ERC20 tokens [a popular Ethereum token protocol] in [about] 15 minutes My real cause here is to democratize the concepts of ICO and crowdfunding. so that anyone can launch the crowdfunding or token sales campaign in no time at all – like a house-wife or a husband-house who launches a book club economy with ERC20 tokens. – that's why I tried to reimagine things. "

If we have whole segments of inexperienced programmers who develop and implement smart contracts with little motivation to build quality products – or worse, a great ambition to build products that might not be all that well designed. Consider the fact that a single bug in an intelligent contract caused chaos throughout the Ethereum blockchain.

Currently, Fondu is just a proof of concept to see if the functional smart contracts could be written and distributed by a few clicks of a mouse. Fondu invites users to check the code before it is distributed, so it is still necessary some knowledge, or rather access to someone with knowledge, so it is not yet a complete democratization of smart contracts.

It is clear that Fondu is trying to do a good thing and brings the world of Ethereum's blockchain and smart contracts to the masses and to the average Joe, but as with most of the good practice software, it is nothing that prevents the bad guys from using it to their advantage. 19659012] Published 7 August 2018 – 09:43 UTC

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