They reveal that Google pays up to $ 12 billion a year to Apple for benefiting its search engine


The United States Department of Justice has filed a lawsuit against Google, in what is considered the largest antitrust case in the past two decades.

The US Department of Justice “batteries” are targeting a secretive deal between Google and Apple worth billions of dollars in a lawsuit filed last week.

According to the details that emerged as part of the trial, Google would pay Apple between 8,000 and 12,000 million dollars a year for the latter company to incorporate in priority conditions – the so-called “default” – its search engine on the iPhone, reports the New York Times.

The deal between the two rivals was cemented 15 years ago, initially for Mac computers. Renewed in 2017, it has been mutually profitable for both, to the point that Google currently generates between 14 and 21% of earnings Apple, which in turn leads the huge amount of research that feeds its advertising business.

"Nothing is out of the question": The US Department of Justice initiates a monopoly lawsuit against Google

The agreement is not limited to the scope of the Apple search engine, Safari, but it pretty much covers all searches made from iPhone devices with the help of the virtual assistant Siri, as well as with the Google search engine, Chrome.

The Department of Justice seeks to bury this longstanding deal between the two giants for violating antitrust law, stifle competition in the Internet search market and hinder the success of smaller companies. It is the largest antitrust case initiated by a US government in the past two decades.

The ban on this type of alliance, in addition to reflecting on Apple’s income, would give a tangible blow to Google, which represents 92% of global searches, nearly half of which come from Apple devices, according to data from the Department of Justice.

The New York Times quoted a former Google executive who, on condition of anonymity, called “terrible” the prospect of losing Apple traffic.

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