There is every reason to believe that Tron (TRX) is strongly underestimated



Tron's success flow has been impressive since it was founded, and things have only been faster and more intense over the last month. Still, the value of money continues to fall (0.020 USD at the time I write this, and this is after 17% increase in value in the last 24 hours).

There is only one explanation for this: the price of Tron is not currently determined by the value of the project or the good, but by the perception and by the recent bad experience that has plagued Bitcoin. There are many reasons to think so, and here they are.

The Testnet and the Main Network were a success

The Genesis Project, the new Tron Main Network, was launched on time and behaved flawlessly. No vulnerabilities, delays, bugs. Not as common as you might think, EOS launched its main network at the same time, more or less, and it was a complete disaster.

And the Tron Foundation has a program that encourages (and pays premiums) to members of the Tron community to search for and find problems in the project code. They did not find anyone because there is not, that speaks very well about the expertise of the Tron development team.


BitTorrent was very much in the mind of Justin Sun even when Tron was founded. The organization's white paper mentions it eight times in total. And now, he owns it. Tron will bring together its core and BitTorrent network and call Project Atlas bringing in 150 million new users to the Tron community.

Growth of almost 1300%

Tron started at $ 0.0019 and is now at $ 0.020. This means that every investor active since day one has gained almost 1300% in returns that are nothing less than spectacular.

Pornhub is now taking TRX

Pornhub seems to be very enthusiastic about digital resources. First of all, he has worked with Verge and will now accept TRX as a means of payment for subscriptions. This will give the Tron token much more visibility, will bring new users and create demand

Coin burn and lock up

The excess price has been in potential Tron investors since the beginning. To appease those fears and concerns, a billion coins were burned immediately after the main network was launched to limit supply. So the Tron Foundation has blocked 33.25 billion coins, and they will remain out of circulation until the beginning of 2020. Tron is making sure that the token is as scarce as reasonably possible to create a deflationary trend that drives prices up. .

Acquisition of BitTorrent, list of BitBoxes and purchase of

Tron's list of steps (TRX) does not end, even if the above things are not so old but still, Tron is hitting the deck with extreme hardness that there are more recent things we need to discuss. Last month it was confirmed that the blockchain project has acquired the best p2p platform in the world, BitTorrent, which means that it now has access to 100 million BitTorrent users.

Now, a couple of days ago, Tron went ahead and bought domain with the intention of becoming Google of the blockchain world. And soon after, BitBox, a cryptographic exchange owned by Line (popular messaging platform), added TRX as its first cryptocurrency on the platform.

In conclusion

Tron has more history in just one year than most blockchain projects have achieved in years. It is finding adoption, applications, leadership offers promises and technology is superior and impeccable.

There is a stark contrast to the way in which the project and the currency behave as one is exceptional and the other is sad. This can only mean that the value of the TRX token is undervalued at the moment. The market has to make a serious correction to Tronix and this will increase the value of the currency. Do not worry, it will probably come.

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