There are Arab countries concerned about freedom and democracy in Tunisia


Tunisia / Anatolia

The head of the Tunisian movement Ennahda (54 Islamic parliamentarians / 217), president of parliament, Rached Ghannouchi, said Wednesday that “there are Arab countries concerned about the freedom and democracy that Tunisians enjoy”.

He said this in a speech by Ghannouchi on the occasion of a birthday party on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Renaissance Movement in the capital.

Ghannouchi returned to talk about his recall session last Thursday, wondering why the intense media coverage of a number of Gulf channels for that session.

“During Arafah Day (last Thursday), we saw a number of Gulf TV channels leave coverage of Arafah Day (in Makkah Al-Mukarramah) and headed for Tunisia,” Ghannouchi said.

But the “marriage” they were preparing for did not take place (referring to the failure of the list of the withdrawal of trust from the president of the People’s Representatives Assembly, which failed) and the cover is not to convey a lesson in democracy for their peoples, but rather to convey a kind of healer and vicious joy for the pain of others.

“What worries them (these countries are for the Arabs) is the democracy in which Tunisia lives”, said Ghannouchi, stressing that “the person of Ghannouchi or so and so does not worry them, but rather freedom”.

He stressed that “every dictatorship in the world fears any free voice, even at the end of the world”.

Ghannouchi added, sadly, that “many Arab countries in Tunisia are harassing them the freedom Tunisians enjoy. That’s why they came (via their channels) not to celebrate freedom in Tunisia, nor to tell their people how the Tunisian people exercise freedom and how to choose their officials, but to witness the scene of the fall of a president. Parliament. “

Ghannouchi considered that “July 30th was an international day full of symbolism, affirming the right of the people’s representatives to be appointed and dismissed”.

He added, explaining that “the battle is with the exclusives, who believe that the best place for an Islamist is a prison, a grave or an alienation”.

Ghannouchi explained that “those who have led this on the other side are a well-known party with a history of eradication, and they are the eradicators of the assembly (the party of former president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, the” Democratic Constitutional Rally ” which was dissolved after the revolution) and not all (the assembly), to emphasize that not all constitutionalists are exclusivists “.

And last Thursday, only 97 deputies from different blocs voted to withdraw confidence in Ghannouchi, while the withdrawal of confidence from the president of the People’s Assembly required the support of 109 out of 217 deputies in parliament.

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