The Zoom Freelancer platform embraces Blockchain technology

Zoom's service, management and outsourcing platform is turning to blockchain solution technology.

Friday, the technical publication of San Francisco Venture Beat reported the eye of Zoom Tech on the use of the blockchain. The nascent company and platform, which according to CEO Plamen Nedyalkovis is not yet "[…] fully operational," hopes to turn freelance and outsourcing into blockchain-based solutions.

Blockchain Meets Freelancing

According to Stewart Rogers of Venture Beat the young company is:

[…] which uses blockchain technology to enable business relationships, project planning and secure payments. Zoom will link freelancers and virtual companies using a blockchain ID system, artificial intelligence and smart contracts.

Zoom hopes that blockchain technology will create stronger and more transparent connections between employers, freelancers and stakeholders. Nedyalkovis also hopes to integrate blockchain technology into the company's payment systems in the hope of further strengthening these connections:

We use the blockchain to manage the platform's storage and escrow services, equalizing the power difference between client and contractor because the payment is held in the hands of either of the two

Greater integrity

The use of Zoom in the blockchain technology and the "smart contracts" allows this secure payment system, but it is not all that is useful. Zoom also certifies the identities and credentials of employers and workers. Notes from Rogers Zoom:

[…] also has an identification system that confirms the identity of potential employees and employers using a consent algorithm that verifies, validates and authenticates private data and creates work stories and Validated reputation related to such security IDs to limit

Zoom will also implement a "court" system that offers a jury-like structure to review and resolve reported conflicts within projects and milestones. "

  Friday, the San Francisco technical magazine Venture Beat reported on Zoom The Tech eye for the use of blockchain

Looking Ahead

Nedyalkovis indicates that Zoom Tech is working hard to forwarding the integration of smart contracts within your web application The CEO also indicated the company's forthcoming search for potential partnerships and an upcoming ICO.

Let us start the onboarding partner companies for our MVP in about a month and a half and to launch our ICO in that period also.

Zoom may be the most recent company to integrate blockchain technology and freelance, but it is not the first. Bitcoinist previously reported the freelance activities of companies such as Ethearnal and Coinlancer

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