The XRP consumes less energy than Bitcoin [BTC], Ethereum [ETH]says Ripple's Cory Johnson


While companies around the world are shaping strategies to become green and use clean energy, the chief market strategist of the leading blockchain remittance company, Ripple, also tweeted about the problem.

In a recent tweet by Cory Johnson, he designed a comparison between XRP, Ethereum [ETH] and Bitcoin [BTC] in terms of environmental well-being. In each case, the post showed the amount of energy used in creating the corresponding cryptocurrency.

It has been stated that XRP consumes 0.01 TWh[[[[hours of terawatt]while ETH and BTC consume respectively 19.62 TWh and 68.81 TWh. In other words, while Ripple's native cryptocurrency has an energy absorption of 1/100 compared to that of Oatman, in Arizona, the bitcoin takes as much energy as the cumulative total used by the Czech Republic.

Recent Tweet by Cory Johnson | Source: Twitter

Recent Tweet by Cory Johnson | Source: Twitter

Contradictory to the statement published by Johnson, Kelly-Pitou, an associate research fellow at Resilient Energy and Power Systems at the Swanson School of Engineering, said each new technology follows a natural path of inefficient energy consumption for efficient ways of implementing the technology. He also suggested that saving energy is equivalent to making technology cheaper.

Charlie Lee, the creator of Bitcoin's liaison partner Litecoin [LTC], he had also previously given his point of view on the problem of energy consumption caused by the crypto-extraction. Here, when Lee was asked about his opinion, he revealed that he was not worried because the energy consumption adds value to the cryptocurrency "in a sense". Furthermore, he stated that the energy used contributes to the security of Bitcoin transactions.

A Twitter manager called xMPH [XRP ⚡️Pathfinder] he took the thread of Johnson's tweet and faced other concerns surrounding the space. The user wrote:

"They just need to develop a way to use less energy, and scalability and security are much more important issues."

Another Twitter user and cryptocurrent and blockchain enthusiast, Crypto hodl, commented:

"In a world where electric cars are being phased in gradually and everyone is becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, it only makes sense to do the same with the consumption of crypto energy."

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