The WORBLI network, "Blockchain & # 39; s Financial District", has been launched


SINGAPORE, December 14, 2018 / PRNewswire / – WORBLI an infrastructure for an efficient, honest and accessible financial system and the first blockchain technology network to provide full compliance for financial services and applications, announced the beginning of true financial freedom with the launch of the WORBLI network. WORBLI is the first blockchain network to provide full compliance for financial services and applications. The network provides a one-time KYC / AML (customer knowledge / money laundering) verification in the user account creation process to enable enterprise-class companies to offer services to users without the need to manage compliance.

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WORBLI and its development partners are redefining industries, including personal banking, digital portfolios, e-commerce, retail and others, from the bottom to the top. The services provided on the WORBLI network will be compliant and verifiable, with the verification of the integrated identity, which allows a network of trust. WORBLI finally allows us to access fast, safe and honest financial products and services.

To celebrate the launch of the network, WORBLI has implemented their highly anticipated "Sharedrop" user account November 21st with the launch of the user portal. ShareDrop is similar to a conventional airdrop, whereby more than 300,000 EOS token holders will be able to request a portion of 1 Billion WORBLI. Because WORBLI is an independent blockchain, ShareDrop participants will need to request their tokens by creating a WORBLI user account, as opposed to tokens that appear in existing EOS portfolios. The WORBLI user account portal allows participating users to register and verify that they receive WORBLI tokens.

"With the launch of the WORBLI network, WORBLI is leading and is accused of exploiting blockchain technology to create a fair and responsible financial system. Blockchain technology allows access to the financial system for everyone in the world including two billion unbanked and underbanked, " Domenic Thomas, CEO of WORBLI said. "With blockchain-based mobile applications and financial accounts, we will unlock a huge amount of economic growth, especially with the populations that have not been able to participate in the global economy at this point. The WORBLI network the developer community working with us will help us adopt the blockchain, making the technology accessible, creating an easy one-click user account to access all the financial services that people around the world need, without intermediaries and useless commissions. "

WORBLI is preparing for the launch of several inaugural applications. These apps focus on essential financial services for users all over the world, they are located at different stages of the creation process and some will start at the beginning of the first quarter of 2019.

If you are a developer that requires KYC and Identity Verification services integrated into your apps, you can purchase WORBLI tokens (WBI) in the exchange where a token sale takes place. For more information on the WORBLI token sales visit:

WORBLI is an infrastructure for an efficient, honest and accessible financial system.
WORBLI is a network based on EOSIO technology for companies and individuals to unlock the potential of blockchain technology. It is an ecosystem where everyone can benefit from a network that facilitates compliance with industry standards and financial regulatory requirements. WORBLI offers businesses and individuals transparent access to financial services by allowing developers to easily create their financial applications on the WORBLI network. EOSIO software is at the heart of this ecosystem, which means users can enjoy fast transaction speeds and secure account recovery protocols.

To learn more, visit:

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