The Winklevoss case claims that Charlie Shrem & # 39; Stole 5000 BTC & # 39; in 2012, Shrem's lawyer denies


A lawyer from the founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, Charlie Shrem, denied Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss' claims to "steal" 5000 bitcoins (now $ 31.7 million) from them in 2012, according to the New York Times (NYT) of 2 November.

In a lawsuit filed Thursday, November 1, the Winklevoss twins, with whom Shrem worked on a previous project before serving a year in prison for alleged facilitation of the purchase of drugs through Bitcoin (BTC), said the problem dates back to 2012.

"O Shrem has been incredibly lucky and successful since he got out of jail, or – more likely – he's acquired his six properties, two Maserati, two powerboats and other possessions with appreciated value of the 5,000 Bitcoins it has stolen ", states the NYT as a way of claiming.

The judge who oversees the complaint – the same one involved in the previous case of Shrem – has "accepted to freeze" some of his assets, a request that originally emerged in September, also considering an additional request that owes $ 950,000 refund from when he pleaded guilty in 2014.

The debacle dates back to the alleged funds that Shrem failed to repay to Winklevosses as part of their investment in its BitInstant project.

Against a payment of $ 250,000, Shrem would have given the twins only $ 189,000 in Bitcoins, which at the time were trading around $ 12.50.

A collapse of the leadership saw the partners severing contacts with each other, while Shrem pleaded guilty to activities involving BitInstant before the Winklevosses came on board.

Meanwhile, a private investigator hired by the Winklevoss twins has tracked the 5,000 missing BTC funds, leading to the present cause and freezing of assets

While Shrem has not officially responded to the new legal challenge, a lawyer representing him has criticized the content of the case.

"The lawsuit wrongly claims that about six years ago Charlie has substantially misappropriated thousands of Bitcoins," he said in a statement, adding:

"Nothing could be further from the truth." Charlie intends to defend himself vigorously and quickly erase his name. "

Shrem did not respond to Cointelegraph's comment request for press time and this article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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