The Weekly: China Hires Cryptographer, McDonald's unveils maccoin

  The Weekly: China Hires Cryptographer, McDonald's unveils the maccoin, Bitmain gets richer "title =" The Weekly: China Hires Cryptographer, McDonald's unveils the maccoin, Bitmain gets richer "/> </div>
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<p><strong>  In the daily editions of this Bitcoin week in Brief we reported that China hired a cryptographer, McDonald's revealed Maccoin, Bitmain that was getting richer and much more. </strong><strong>  The most commented article during the week concerned the new attack by Paul Krugman on the idea of ​​cryptocurrency on the pages of the New York Times. </strong></p>
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<h2 style= Vitalik Wants More Crypto Cards

On Monday, we reported that Ethereum's founder, Vitalik Buterin, seems to think that there is too much effort to bring cryptocurrencies to Wall Street rather than Main Street. The crypto influencer twitted : "I think there is too much emphasis on BTC / ETH / any ETF, and not enough emphasis on making it easier for people to buy from $ 5 to $ 100 in cryptocurrency via cards in stores the first is better for the pumping price, but this last is much better for the actual adoption. "

Bitmain Gets Richer

 The Weekly: China Hires Cryptographer, McDonald's Unveils the Maccoin, Bitmain Gets Richer The big Tuesday's news was that Bitmain added another $ 2 billion to its valuation, making the Chinese mining giant worth as much as $ 14 billion before his IPO. Reportedly, Bitmain achieved a profit of $ 1.1 billion only in the first quarter of 2018. To place it in context, the total value of all BTCs drawn in the same period was approximately $ 1.3 billion. There seems to be more money in the sale of shovels than in the pursuit of digital gold. There is still an official date for the IPO of Bitmain, apart from the fact that it will arrive "very soon".

McDonald's unveiling the maccoin

An interesting story we told Wednesday is that to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Big Mac, McDonald's announced the Maccoin, a "limited edition global currency" "supported by the Big Mac. From lunchtime on August 2, customers can receive a Maccoin with the purchase of a Big Mac at 14,000 participating restaurants in the United States. For the rest of the year, customers can redeem their Maccoin for a free Big Mac at McDonald's restaurants in the US and over 50 participating countries. The company has declared that over 6 million and Maccoin will be distributed globally in over 50 countries, while stocks last.

Poloniex Under Investigation

 The Weekly: China Hires Cryptographer, McDonald & # 39; s reveals Maccoin, Bitmain Gets Richer Thursday, it was reported that the exchange of cryptocurrencies based on Delaware, Poloniex, is been investigated by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ). The move follows a number of complaints from users who have been denied access to their account profiles. The chief investigator special of the Unit Investors Protection Unit (IPU) of the DoJ reported that he sent an email to a number of selected Poloniex active users on July 25, asking them to go back in time case they had encountered difficulties in using their Poloniex accounts.

China Hires Cryptographer

On Friday, we reported that the government of China is trying to hire a cryptographic specialist for one of its censorship agencies. The job announcement published by the Chinese public broadcasting research institute under the state administration of radio and television states that candidates should be competent in cryptography and ready to "follow the advanced technologies in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency ". According to the announcement, the best candidate for this particular position should be a technology specialist with knowledge and skills in cryptographic algorithms and optimization. The work includes monitoring and developing tools to analyze threats arising from different cryptographic applications.

Governor of Jeju gets a wallet

 The Weekly: China Hires Cryptographer, McDonald's unveils the maccoin, Bitmain gets richer Saturday we reported that Won Hee-ryong, the governor of Jeju in South Korea, presented some ambitious plans for his province and provide for the adoption of cryptocurrencies with the help of and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). He wants to turn the island of Jeju into the Crypto Valley in Korea and has already put forward proposals to the country's National Assembly. He met the CEO of Roger Ver who promised to contribute to the realization of the project and support the governor's efforts. Mr. Ver showed Mr. Won how to download and install the wallet on his smartphone.

Paul Krugman is wrong again

The most commented article during the week concerned the famous economist who made a career of making mistakes on things, Paul Krugman. The professor again attacked the idea of ​​cryptocurrency on the pages of the New York Times. He wrote, among other things, that: "If speculators had a moment of collective doubt, fearing suddenly that Bitcoins were useless, well, Bitcoins would become useless." Join the discussion.

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