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The overwhelming majority of people who are not really interested in the cryptocurrency arguments believe that all transactions on the Bitcoin network are anonymous. But in reality this statement does not correspond to reality. It is worth noting that it is still possible to send Bitcoins relatively anonymously. In this article we will tell you what are the ways to do it and how to use it correctly.

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  1. Briefly on bitcoin transactions
  2. How to execute anonymous transactions on the Bitcoin network?
  3. Anonymous transaction instruction
  4. Disadvantages of bitcoin mixers
  5. Conclusion

1. Briefly on bitcoin transactions

We have already published a detailed article on how transactions work blockchain . But for this article to be autonomous, let's briefly review the main aspects:

– the time of a Bitcoin transaction depends on the workload of the network and the commission specified, it can be delayed up to 72 hours;

– the transactions are performed by recalculating the portfolio balances, the data on it are entered in the public register, later it is not possible to cancel the transfer ;

– all users have the opportunity to track a Bitcoin transaction and although there are no names in the registry, it is not possible to call those anonymous financial transactions anyway.

How, then, is it possible to lose information by running bitcoin transactions?

– paying for – with withdrawal of funds from exchanges to credit or debit cards.

2. How to make anonymous transactions on the Bitcoin network?

There are several ways to make a transaction more anonymous:

  1. uses cryptographic services for IP addresses (VPN, proxy, TOR etc.);
  2. generates a new address for each new transaction,
  3. not to pay in Bitcoin for such goods on the Internet, where it is necessary to enter the physical delivery address,
  4. use the Bitcoin mixers.

Third-party developers who are not connected to Bitcoin network support has found a way to make a transaction and "do not lose" the address of the portfolio. The most popular method to stay incognito is to use the so-called "Bitcoin mixer". These are special Internet services that act as a mediator and mix the transaction (subdividing it into an unlimited number of parts) and eventually send it to the recipient's wallet. The larger the quantity, the more parties the transaction can be divided and, correspondingly, made even more anonymous.

It should be noted that the confirmation of the Bitcoin transaction may not occur when using such resources, as the Bitcoin mixers are very often closed. You can use them only at your own risk.

In addition, to perform an anonymous BTC transaction, you can use some applications that you can find in Darknet (the "obscure" part of the Internet where illegal activities are usually performed)).

3. Instructions for anonymous transactions

For obvious reasons, we do not recommend using a specific Bitcoin mixer, since there are simply no reliable and durable ones. Until July 2018, was a rather popular service, but it is now closed, and this trend is traced in most of these services. The interface of all these resources is practically the same, so we will mention only the basic steps and some nuances that must be taken into account when working with them:

  1. create a new transaction on the official site of the resource; [19659028] enter the addresses of your wallet (yours and of the recipient), specify the number of coins and the delay time (it is very important to understand that the longer, the more secure and anonymous the transaction will be)
  2. rule, it is necessary to fill in the captcha;
  3. therefore it is necessary to choose the method of sending funds for the service account
  4. as confirmation of the transaction necessary to save a special guarantee letter. [19659031] That's all, after this, you have to be patient and wait until the operation is complete.

    4. Disadvantages of Bitcoin Mixers

    The main disadvantage of this type of services is the dependence of users from third parties (mixer owners). In fact, to be able to use Bitcoin mixer services, it is initially necessary to transfer the coins into their wallet. That is, it is not possible to independently follow the Bitcoin transaction during its execution. You have to trust the service and hope it will not close, and its creators will not disappear with your money.

    5. Conclusion

    Therefore, transactions in the Bitcoin network are not anonymous by default, if you have the desire and some resources, you can easily find them. But the anonymisation of financial operations with BTC is possible, for this you can turn to the special services – Bitcoin Mixer. They mix your transaction among hundreds of thousands of others for a fee, about 1-3% of the total amount, after which it will be almost impossible to track it down. But you must understand that these services are not completely reliable and the transactions take a long time to complete.

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