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Galaxies, gases and dark matter swirling throughout the Universe are causing the cosmos to warm. Scientists from Ohio State University have probed the temperature of the gas farther from Earth, which means further back in time.

The team then checked the temperature of the gases near Earth, which corresponds to the present time.

The researchers found that over the past 10 billion years, the temperature of the Universe has increased 10 times, reaching 2 million degrees Kelvin today, about four million degrees Fahrenheit.

The rise in temperature is the result of gravity affecting dark matter and the gas that generates more heat, according to research published in the Astrophysical Journal.

Yi-Kuan Chiang, lead author of the study and researcher at the Ohio State University Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics, said, “Our new measurement provides direct confirmation of the fundamental work of Jim Peebles, Nobel Prize in Physics 2019 – which exposed the theory of how large-scale structure in the Universe is formed. “

A statement from Ohio State University said, “The large-scale structure of the universe refers to the global patterns of galaxies and clusters of galaxies at scales beyond individual galaxies.

“It is formed by the gravitational collapse of dark matter and gas.”

Chiang added: “As the Universe evolves, gravity pulls dark matter and gas into space together into galaxies and clusters of galaxies.

“The resistance is violent, so violent that more and more gasoline is shocked and heated.”

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“This fact, together with a method for estimating the temperature from light, allowed the researchers to measure the average temperature of gases in the early universe – the gases surrounding the most distant objects – and compare that average with the average temperature of the gases. closer to Earth – gas today. “

However, the warming of the universe cannot be an excuse for global warming, according to Chiang.

He said: “These phenomena are happening on very different scales.

“They are not connected at all.”

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