The TRON (TRX) community is hopeful despite the 92% drop in prices ever

  Tron-TRX-community members-remain-confident-as-the-fallen-price-92-from-all-highs-times

The past few days have been horrors for any cryptocurrency investor since prices on the market continued to tumble to new annual lows. since most of the gains made at the start of the year have been wiped out with some of the coins falling over 90%. Tron (TRX) is one of the cryptocurrencies that was heavily influenced by the sell off with the price of the coin dropped to $ 0.017685 USD, a decline of 92% from the January high.

However, activities tested outside the rankings such as the launch of Tron's main network and the Tron Super Representative Elections give the coin community a glimmer of hope in the dark times.

At such times, as one of the members of the Tron community observed, he had to eliminate technology, educate the public about the project and push for adoption is the bright side of the dark cloud. The member added that this is not possible without a strong community that moves through the times together. The strong will of Tron supporters and Tron Foundation CEO, Justin Sun, ensures that the community remains enthusiastic and impassive despite the long run

At the moment the community continues to grow in support as shown on Tronscan. The platform has a total of 195320 real-time accounts opened with a total of 172 nodes distributed around the world. The screenshot below shows the key numbers that drive the Tron ecosystem.

Key numbers of the Tron ecosystem

Another avid supporter of Tron, Joseph Young added on Twitter that this was the period of evil projects to be filtered as it was from early bear market cycles observed. Once done, the remaining projects (those with actual value) will increase in adoption and value as the market appreciates. "A positive thing from today's crypto drop: all the coins and faulty projects will be filtered and similar to 2014, most of the existing crypts will die.The market has always gone through a bubble-crash-build-rally model, this time it's not different. "The tweet read.

Future For Tron (TRX)?

As bear markets continue to gain momentum, Tron and other crypto-enthusiasts and general investors hope for a quick reversal However, the market seems to be heading for a longer bear market, as experts predict a longer shock of these useless projects. However, Tron's community and fans need not worry because the development team is working to provide the best blockchain platform for all entertainment needs.

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