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American rap artist Soulja Boy he paid tribute to the most famous cryptocurrency in the world on his latest album. The track, simply titled "Bitcoin", includes the fourth album of Topper's profile, Young Draco, released earlier today.

With the expanding number of eminent references taking place on global entertainment media, bitcoins continue to run towards a perpetual quality within today's and tomorrow's popular culture. Be that as it may, it does not resemble the controls of the previous names, which focused on obscure web fault or technology fanatics, or met a general personality bogglement, the last quote is a more constructive exam , even if unidimensional.

"Bitcoin" is the fourth track from the chart on top of the fourth studio album by rapper Soulja Boy, Young Draco. The album was released on Thursday and was released by SODMG Records and Palm Tree Entertainment.

As for the expressive substance, the trace is quite fundamental. As you may have suspected, Soulja Boy avoids some of the most embarrassing philosophical and socio-political thoughts that include bitcoins and focuses entirely on the side of things related to money. He is not ashamed of his permission not to be here for technology:

"I made a hundred racks with bitcoins, you can surprise me while I'm running the bitcoin."

Among the texts of "Bitcoin", Paypal is mentioned in a completely mysterious way, before CashApp. Probably would have tried too often for the bars that refer to the exchanges on the blockchain and the meaning that guarantees your private key. Digital security is not as enthralling as the friends Lady Soulja Boy intends to draw with her new technical training and her riches.

The rapper also unveils his entry point in the bitcoin showcase which, unlike current prices, seems to have understood how to get a pretty decent deal:

"I spent 6,000 for the bitcoin."

So, the track would probably have had a completely different feel if the trap was: "I burned 17,000 on bitcoins".

Soulja Boy is not the main standard rapper to have the bitcoin with the name controlled in 2018. A month ago, award-winning Grammy Eminem-winning artist referred to the cryptocurrency on "Not Alike", which highlighted the last album of the artist Kamikaze.

"Remember that everyone used to bite Nickel, now everyone is bitcoin."

None of these musical references may be in contrast to those originating in Japan at the temperatures of the bitcoin madness of the previous winter. The Kasotsuka Shojo are, or perhaps were, a J-pop group with eight numbers. Each member speaks with one of the main cryptocurrencies. Among them are bitcoins, bitcoin money, ether, NEM and XRP. Their first track was titled "The Moon and Virtual Currencies and Me". Unfortunately,

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