The state of the calculation distributed in cryptocurrency


Distributed computing is a concept that denotes the practice of using an interconnected network of systems to provide their combined power to remote users – but how is the blockchain to revolutionize this concept in 2018?

Distributed Centralized Computing

According to Statist: the current market leaders in the so-called "Public cloud as a service (SaaS)" market in 2017 were entirely made up of centralized competitors.

Microsoft and Salesforce led the package to 18% and 11.5%, respectively. Adobe was the closest runner up to 6.7%, before a group of providers fell within the 4% range: Oracle, SAP and Google.

The most important applications of these centralized service providers use distributed cloud computing to provide benefits and services such as: remote data and server storage, access to processing power for organizations and private users with particularly high processing requirements , as universities and laboratories / researchers.

Along Came Blockchain

Blockchain should be the perfect candidate for catalyzing the next step in this equally nascent and underutilized market because distributed computing is at the center of decentralization.

The most important example is the original Proof of Work (PoW) consent mechanism and generalized accounting technology, which "supports cryptographic resources" like bitcoins "- as conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto and implemented in the original system Bitcoin in 2009.

A ny blockchain project that chooses to respect the fundamental principles of the PoW system can be considered technically as a "distributed computing" project

Ethereum, EVM and decentralized App

Sanjay Mahadi of Forbes. com states that "Ethereum DApps" are "revolutionizing the world of apps through smart contracts" – and as a PoW-based blockchain model, this could make Ethereum one of the biggest progenitors of distributed distributed computing.

DApps is the name given to applications based on the Ethereum blockchain framework, while Smart Contracts are a means of automatic arbitrage and application for concerns the agreements between the parties.

The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) also serves as a computational core that manages all decision-making processes associated with intelligent contracts and DApp, using the combined power of the mining nodes of Ethereum.

The Current Contenders

With Ethereum & # 39; s transition to a Proof of Stake (PoS) model: we can see that many things have changed in the blockchain space, as well as the idea of ​​a commonality in the conception of "distributed calculation".

On the one hand, we have organizations like Gridcoin – which is one of the most well-known modern solutions in this sector. The project claims to "reward scientific calculation" using also a model of consent to the demonstration of the stake. Gridcoin is one of the distributed computing models that focuses primarily on research and academic communities.

Another project, called Ankr, hopes alternatively to provide the entrepreneurial sector with distributed distributed computing power through the use of its approach to technology. The project has recently hit investors with a $ 14.5 million USD + loan and obtained approval from well-known groups associated with NEO and OKEx with its unique "Proof of Unique Work" model – comprising 150 investors.

The Future of Decent Distributed Computing

The next big step for distributed cloud computing will not come from the markets (though they certainly help speed things up!), But from innovators.

It is not safe to say if we have found any project that can challenge ancestors like Bitcoin or Ethereum, but it is clear that the development community has even more surprises in its sleeves.

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