The staff of double coinbase counts up to 500, even in the bear market


Coinbase takes 250 employees within 6 months

Although many cryptocentric startups have been negatively affected by the most recent market correction that the cryptography market has undergone, Coinbase seems to be in place and not only survives but thrives,

As per a Business Insider report, which became rather the controversial source of crypto news from last week, in February, Coinbase representatives revealed that it will probably double the number of employees from 250 to 500 by January 2019 rolls around. And a few months after disclosing this information, it seems that the San Francisco-based startup has already achieved its goal, with a firm spokesperson that Coinbase has already achieved and exceeded this growth target.

Business Insider continued Please note that the company, founded in 2012, has made a multitude of moves to impact Wall Street, hiring individuals from the New York Stock Exchange, Credit Suisse and Apex.
  coinbase adds 100k users [19659003] Despite the fact that this was a real business, something was expected in some way, since Coinbase has recently started its plans to expand and offer products for better satisfy consumers. As reported by Ethereum World News at the end of June, the startup opened a Portland office for customer service and expected to hire up to 100 employees just for that office space.

It can be assumed that the Portland office space, coupled with hiring employees in other locations such as the new offices of Chicago, Tokyo, Dublin and Portugal, has contributed to the growing number of company employees. Together with new offices, Coinbase has started to consider and offer a wide range of products aimed at all types of consumers. More recently, the company has increased its "main" business, a division aimed at hedge funds, family offices and other financial institutions.

Coinbase also started considering an encrypted ETF, as covered by a previous Ethereum World News article. The insiders say that the company has its eyes on the creation of a fund traded on the stock exchange that will follow the price of a variety of assets, probably the five activities already widely available in the Coinbase ecosystem. It is likely that in order to cope with this plan, the company had to hire or employ talented individuals to help this ETF come true.

Binance, BitMEX and Coinbase Everyone sees growth in the bear market 2018

Although the cryptographic infrastructure the platform did a lot to make it, to say the least, was not the only company focused on crypto to see expansion and growth in the less than ideal 2018 bear market. BitMEX has recently rented a whole stage in the Cheung Kong Center in Hong Kong, one of the world's most expensive offices, and according to forecasts it should incur $ 575,000 in monthly fees.

This shows that the exchange, which has become famous for its marginal characteristics, is still exploiting strong profits, even in questionable market conditions. Moreover, in two days in the last few months, BitMEX has set records in the volume trading sector (1,000,000 BTC +), which shows that the company's trading system can still excel in difficult market conditions.

Binance also did well, with CEO Changpeng Zhao recently disclosing that his company is looking at $ 1 billion in profits only in 2018. This substantial figure can be attributed to the company's rapidly growing user base , which has increased to 10 million users according to statements by Zhao. Attacking the company's profit statistics, Dovey Wan, managing director of DanHua Capital, took to Twitter to note that the profits of Bin1 in Q1 had actually exceeded the data published by Deutsche Bank and Nasdaq.

While this does not at all mean that cryptography is surpassing traditional markets, Wan has indicated that these statistics show that decentralized technologies and markets have "disruptive potential".

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