The spacecraft successfully sampled the planet. However, some are blocked


According to the first results, the American probe OSIRIS-REX has taken a sufficient number of samples from the planet Bennu.

This was reported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). The removal of at least 60 grams of dust and stones has been completed, the office assured.

The confirmation came two days after the encounter with asteroid Benn, when NASA received the images sent on Thursday, Oct.22.

Source: TASR / AP

The sampler’s head, which appeared to be filled with asteroid particles, is captured on them. From the container where the probe stored the samples, part of them fell into space because the box was left ajar.

According to the photos, larger stones got stuck in the cap of the sample collection tank. Now, according to NASA, there is a need to focus on ensuring that the collected sample is safely stored and then transported to Earth for examination.

The spacecraft picked up the first asterisk device from the asteroid’s surface Wednesday night after several hours of complicated maneuvers.

Although everything went according to plan, it was not immediately clear whether the collected material was usable and sufficient. If Wednesday’s collection failed, the device had two more attempts.

The OSIRIS-REX spacecraft, the size of a small van, left for Benn four years ago and is expected to return to Earth in March. It is expected to land in Utah, USA, in September 2023.

Asteroids are remnants of solar system time material, and analysis of their rocks could also help clarify the origin of life on Earth.


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