The South Korean Korean partnership begins the training of over 40 Blockchain professionals

South Korea began a six-month training course to turn forty-two candidates into "blockchain specialists," a local media report on Monday 3 September.

Aiming to increase the availability of skilled professionals in South Korea's thriving blockchain economy, the course is the result of a three-way partnership between the Ministry of Technology and ICT, the Korean Standards Association (KSA) and the blockchain based in Hong Kong and the IoT Waltonchain startup.

The course will focus on preparing participants for "Immediate" employment upon completion in January 2019.

"We will provide unique support for employment and business start-ups, as well as education. for the professional training of employees and we will strengthen the construction of a healthy blockchain ecosystem, "KI News quotes Wang Sang Hyeong, general secretary of Waltonchain as mentioned.

The move is part of a huge South Korean government investment program that extends beyond 2023. As reported by Cointelegraph, the investment in blockchain and related innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) will exceed $ 4.4 billion next year

An extensive government-sponsored youth education project is underway, with officials explaining the need to bridge the gap in emerging innovation and at the same time tackle unemployment.

In November, meanwhile, a state-approved blockchain hackathon will award prizes to dedicated teams demonstrating new technology use cases.

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