The son of Google CEO Sundar Pichai is digging for Ethereum


At the New York Times DealBook conference on Thursday, Google CEO Sundar Pichai said his 11-year-old son was digging for Ethereum on his family PC.

The revelation came when Pichai was asked how he, a parent who lives in Silicon Valley, thinks about screen time for his children. A recent New York Times article showed that parents who live in Silicon Valley and work in technology are often more concerned with over-time on screen and technology dependency among their children.

"I'm like all the other parents, I suppose," said Pichai. "I test a lot of gadgets at home so I have vulnerabilities in terms of how my kids can access things like that."

Pichai then shared that his 11-year-old son dug the cryptocurrency Ethereum.

"Last week I was having dinner with my son and I was talking about something about Bitcoin and my son made it clear what I was talking about was Ethereum, which is slightly different," explains Pichai. "He's 11 and told me he's digging it."

The CEO of Google was asked if he had a server in his home to assist in his son's mining efforts, to which he explained that his family only had a simple computer, but that was what Pichai built himself.

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Pichai had to explain the nation's paper money system to the encrypted son.

"I had [to] more explain to him how paper money really works. I realized that he understood more about Ethereum than how paper money works, "said Pichai. I had to talk to him about the banking system, the importance of it. And it was a good conversation. "

Pichai's 11-year-old son is not the sole heir to Google's fortune mining for cryptocurrencies.

At a blockchain conference hosted by Sir Richard Branson in Morocco in July, Google co-founder Sergey Brin said he and his son also extracted Ethereum.

"A year or two ago, my son insisted that we needed a gaming PC," Brin said. "I told him," Okay, if we get a gaming PC, we need to extract the cryptocurrency, so we created an Ethereum miner and we've earned some money, a few dollars since then. "

Thursday's interview with Pichai came when thousands of Google employees around the world came out in protest over the way the company handled allegations of sexual misconduct.

"This anger and frustration within the company – we all hear it," said Pichai when asked about the protests. "I feel it too."

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