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The SIRIN laboratories will continue to build Blockchain Mobile Phones

Nimrod may, Chief Marketing Officer of SIRIN Labs in an interview with a leading broadcaster discussed the company's future plans. He also discussed whether the company will continue to create mobile phones or will focus on developing an operating system.

The interview also included a brief comparison of the HTC Exodus 1 and the SIRIN FINNEY. The SIRIN Labs have recently launched a blockchain smartphone called Finney. In the midst of the crisis in the encrypted market, the company managed to make headlines. Some people have questioned whether the $ 158 million ICO waived its plans to make mobile phones compatible with cryptography and instead focused on the company's operating system (SIRIN OS).

Some reports have suggested that the fall in the price of Ether (ETH), since the initial offers of SIRIN have meant that the company currently had much less capital to achieve its primary objectives of becoming a producer of operating and telephone systems.

During the interview, Nimrod made it clear that SIRIN Labs is committed to creating their own blockchain phones. He also said that the company will explore the market for its SIRIN system with other telephone manufacturers.

Nimrod has also hinted at some of the major producers with whom SIRIN has discussed. Moshe Hogeg, SIRIN's CEO recently revealed that the mobile phone distributors have committed themselves to 160,000 units of the SIRIN Finney smartphone. However, the company has to sell only about 80,000 mobile phones to get profits.

When Nimrod was asked to disclose the company's future plans, he said that even with the current market circumstances, they are proud to share with the world some of the interests they have received since their launch.

He also added that the company has beaten the sales target of the Finney devices for the full year in less than ten days. And while revealing the company's future plans, he said that they are currently focusing on mass production of the first 10,000 units to meet the requirements of distributors, partners and the community.

Will it be launched as a standalone operating system?

Later, when he was asked to discuss what is happening with the SIRIN operating system and if it is ready to be launched as a standalone operating system. He revealed that SIRIN OS technology is the best operating system compatible with other devices. And Nimrod further claimed that the company is looking to bridge the gap between consumer electronics companies and benefit from the millions of encryption holders worldwide.

Nimrod then went on to say that he built SIRIN OS to adapt to all mobile phone manufacturers and said he was not alone in this area. HTC, Huawei and others are moving along with them. And indeed, some of them have discussed with the company regarding the operating system. He said that overall it is only the beginning of the company's path.

The HTC Exodus 1 was also launched in early December at the 2018 Slush in Finland. It was launched simultaneously with SIRIN FINNEY. During the interview, Nimrod provided a detailed comparison of both phones.

The Chief Marketing Officer of SIRIN Labs also discussed the company's future plans for the coming year, stating that they are concentrating on delivering FINNEY globally. He concluded by saying that they intend to create more partnerships to continue the development of SIRIN OS.

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