The Sigma Prime (SigP) lighthouse is released as a new Ethereum 2.0 Open Source client


  Sigma Prime launches new client flagship Ethereum 2.0 Open Source

Sigma Prime releases new flagship client Ethereum 2.0 Open Source

The company Sigma Prime (SigP) has released a new open source Ethereum 2.0 client known as "Lighthouse "The company is located in Australia and developers are working on many different programming projects. SigP and his team explain what they have been trying to build, the future projects they are working on and their roadmap for the coming months.

The team explained that Ethereum 2.0 and the idea behind them have caught their attention. For this reason, they decided to start contributing to it. And in fact, after hours spent working on it, they were able to realize their vision on the matter.

By the way, the team explained:

"We decided to move forward with the client build and renamed the repository to the lighthouse, imagining that a lighthouse on the sea would be a rusty bonfire.

In addition, they talked about everything they have achieved working on this project. For example, they were able to develop a SimpleSerialize Rust library and search for serialization formats for P2P messaging. In addition, the team discovered a bias in the pseudo-random validated shuffling algorithm.

In the future, developers want to implement a synchronization logic and also produce as many design artifacts as possible. In addition, they explained that the team will be witness to a benchmark on the validation of the blocking of the Beacon chain. Other jobs are related to SimpleSerialize and to the documentation of the function of delegating the role of the validator, which could be improved.

Vitalik Buterin himself spoke about Ethereum 2.0 at the beginning of 2017. Several developers from all over the world, including PegaSys, Prysmatic Labs, Status and Nimbus decided to create a chain of beacon and client sharding for Ethereum 2.0 .

Another important player in the market, Rocket Pool – which functions as a decentralized pool of Ethereum Proof of Stake (PoS) – has informed about the latest developments the Ethereum 2.0. They highlighted the decentralization of the future Ethereum client compared to other projects.

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