The professional service company Blockchain WACHSMAN expands in Asia


SINGAPORE 21 September 2018 / PRNewswire / –

Industry-leading consultant launches Singapore office and announces 20 new jobs

Wachsman, one of the leading companies of professional blockchain services, expanded into Asia and started operations from his office in Singapore . Headquartered in New York and with offices in Dublin and center Singapore Wachsman identified Asia as a priority market and announced plans to fill 20 new positions in Singapore . Expansion enables Wachsman to provide strategic advisory, event management and public relations support to market leaders and pioneers of Asia by completing the service offering in North America and Europe .


With its new headquarters Asia-Pacific Wachsman will develop its customer base international and take a global approach to advancing the blockchain ecosystem. The company has already hired local talent to strengthen a contingent of six experienced people transferred to Singapore and aims to quadruple the current regional staff with the creation of 20 new jobs within the end of 2019.

David Wachsman Wachsman's CEO, said: "With its long standing reputation as a fintech hotspot, a birthplace of digital innovation, and as a favorable environment for the adoption blockchain, Singapore was the clear choice for the next phase of global expansion of our company. L & # 39; Asia exercises a & # 39; significant influence on the global blockchain industry, in particular at the protocol and development level, footprint in Singapore allows us to provide coverage in every time slot.Our mission is to promote awareness and 39; ADOPTIO of cutting-edge technologies that will improve the world. "[1 9659003] Wachsman has represented more than 120 blockchain-related companies around the world, including some of the industry's leading protocols, development teams, exchanges, consortia, products and services – Wachsman hired his one-hundredth in August 2018 and today offers experience from professionals with experience in sectors ranging from banking and financial services to journalism, management consulting and political affairs.

The opening of Wachsman Singapore is a critical step for the Strategic Advisory Group (SAG) of the company, which provides strategic consulting and business strategy services to block businesses and companies .. Launched in June 2018 the division is led by the Managing Director Michael Chang who founded the blockchain coverage effort at the investment bank Jefferies and associate director Franklin Bi earlier Blockchain Strategy Lead for JP Morgan.

Michael Chang Managing Director, Strategic Advisory Group, said: " Singapore is the ideal place to tackle some of the biggest business challenges faced by blockchain participants in Asia The objective of the Strategic Consulting Group is to take advantage of our experience by advising the world's biggest companies to take advantage of the blockchain, focusing instead on serving the industry leaders of tomorrow. long-term for newcomers navigating in an incredibly complex and thorny landscape, we think of helping the most promising organizations to reach their next stages of growth. "[19659003] The launch of Wachsman in Asia follows a series of milestones for the company in 2018, including a vast expansion of its operation in New York and the announcement of al tri 50 works in Dublin by the end of 2020.

Wachsman Founder and CEO David Wachsman and Managing Director, Strategic Advisory Group Michael Chang are available for an interview.

About Wachsman:

Wachsman is a leading company in the field of professional services for the blockchain industry. Originally established as a public relations agency in April 2015 Wachsman has expanded its services offerings to include event management and strategic consulting. The Strategic Advisory Group is led by former senior vice president of Jefferies Technology Investment Banking and Blockchain Coverage Group Lead, Michael Chang and supported by the former Vice President and Blockchain Strategy Lead at the Blockchain Center of Excellence of JP Morgan Franklin Bi .

With offices in New York Dublin and Singapore Wachsman has grown with more than 100 employees worldwide, with a client portfolio of some of the largest and most indispensable companies and projects in the blockchain ecosystem, including Indiegogo, CoinDesk, Dash, Lisk, Aion, Steemit, Bitfinex, IOHK, Crypto Valley Association, NEO Global Capital and himself. [19659003] SOURCE Wachsman

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