“The Privacy of Fatherhood in the Arab World” … a new book on Mr. Hafez’s children’s theater


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The book titled (The Privacy of Authorship for Child Theater in the Arab World) was published by the House of Knowledge Competence for Printing, Publishing and Distribution in Jordan, written by the researcher at the College of Industrial Management of Oil and Gas at the University of Basra for oil and gas and the director of the university’s media department, Assistant Lecturer Haider Ali Al-Asadi, with 184 pages The introduction was written by Dr. Abdul Sattar Abdul-Thabit Al-Bidhani, professor of criticism and drama author at the University of Basra.

The first chapter of the book included a historical and artistic conception of children’s theater in the Arab world, in which he talked about the concept of children’s literature, historical children’s theater, school theater and its interactions with children’s theater, the imagination of children. shadow and its relationship with children’s theater, the use of puppets and marionettes in children’s theater and the writing needs for plays The child, discussing the idea, the text, the language and the story, while the second chapter was titled Mr. Hafez and the specificity of children’s theatrical composition, in which he dealt with the privacy of writing for the children’s theater with the Egyptian writer Mr. Hafez, and the third chapter was titled Crotsk’s plays in theater texts childish Mr. Hafez as a model, and finally the fourth chapter was Titled analyzes the plays presented by Al-Sayed Hafez at the child’s theater, including (Children of Juha, Cinde rella, Hamdan, Mishmisha, Qatr Al-Nada, The Wonderful Beast, Ali Baba, Bab Noel and Al-Shater Hassan), as the author analyzed 13 plays by the writer Mr. Hafez.

Interestingly, the author, Haider Al-Asadi, is an academic, critic and journalist, born in Basra in 1987, and this is the ninth book of his literary career..

He proceeds into his latest book on the privacy of children’s theater and the importance it represents for theater in general, as it can be used as an artistic and cultural medium that contributes to the building of future generations, so this type of writing has been the concern of many writers and theater critics in the Arab world..

The book provides a historical perception of the children’s theater copyright movement in the Arab world and the interactions of this type of other types of arts close to it, such as puppet theater, puppet theater, shadow fiction and school theater, and the book deals with the privacy of the children’s theatrical authorship of the great writer Mr. Hafez who has many plays For the child, sometimes relying on heritage and relating it to reality in an attempt to anticipate the future or change the downsides on the ground. It is believed that Mr. Hafez’s writing has its own peculiarity, which depends on a critical view of reality and expresses Arab history and culture in the best possible way and in an artistic framework full of imagination.

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