The price of Ethereum falls below $ 300, reduced to a minimum of 9 months


  ethereum price collapse

On Monday a sale price pushed the price of etherum below $ 300, forcing the second cryptocurrency to the lowest value in more than nine months.

Ethereum had traded up to $ 323 earlier in the day, but a series of sales orders began to hit the market at 15:00 UTC, bringing ETH ever closer to $ 300, a level that had not touched since 2017.

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ETH / USD | Bitfinex

At 3:43 pm, ETH closed only a few hundredths over $ 300, and less than a minute later fell under that sign on Bitfinex for the first time since 12 November. At 4:45 pm UTC, the price of the ethereum fell to $ 293. Ethereum now falls seven percent for the day and over 61 percent in 2018.

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ETH / USD | Bitfinex

In particular, this decline did not occur only against the dollar, as the price etherum was also opposed to bitcoin. Just six months ago, ETH was rated at just under 0.1 BTC. Now it has a price lower than half of that and shows no sign of how the bitcoin continues to devour market shares.

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ETH / BTC | Bitfinex

With a current value of 0.047, ETH / BTC is now trading at levels not seen since mid-December, when the price of bitcoin has become parabolic and briefly reached $ 19.891 on Bitfinex.

It is not entirely clear what drove off, which is disproportionately large compared to the smaller decreases exposed in most of the rest of the cryptocurrency market.

Click here for a real-time ethereum price chart.

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