The price of Ethereum falls below $ 200 in the double-digit route


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On Monday, the price of etherum fell below the $ 200 mark, as the second largest cryptocurrency suffered a further double-digit defeat.

The ETH was on a moderately upward trajectory since it fell briefly below $ 175 last week, surpassing $ 225 at some point over the weekend and, despite some morning losses, holding the $ 200 line in advantage on Monday afternoon.

This changed just before 15:55 UTC, when an increase in sales volume forced ETH below $ 200 on the cryptocurrency-based trading platform with BitMEX leverage. The ETH / USD eventually dropped to $ 192 on BitMEX at around 20:30 UTC, before recovering to a current value of $ 196 at 22:35 UTC.

ETH is now declining by 11% for the day, reducing its market capitalization to just over $ 20 billion.

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However, ETH was not the only large altcoin to post a sharp decline today. EOS, in fifth place for market capitalization, also saw its fall in prices of 11%, while bitcoin cash, litecoin, cardano, IOTA, TRON, NEO and ethereum classico all lag behind around eight percent.

Bitcoin went slightly better, down slightly less than four percent to $ 6.274 at the time of writing. The top cryptocurrency now has a market share of 56.4%.

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