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Despite small gains in the last hours of the weekend, the cryptocurrency market suffered heavy losses last week.

This morning, prices seem to have found stability, but most of the market suffered a loss on the day

Bitcoin increased by 0.63% to trade for $ 6.384.25, while Ethereum fell 2.67% to exchange for $ 317.69.

The ripple fell 1.8 percent to go to $ 0.301862 and Litecoin lost another 2.30 percent to sell at $ 59.44.

The bear market has forced prices to plummet significantly, but the fortunes of cryptic investors are going to change? [19659007] 9.41 UPDATE: Bitcoin traders turn to Turkey while the Lira drops by 20 percent

Turkey seems to be a new option for traders, as bitcoin trade volumes on Turkish trade increase.

The country is involved in a currency crisis that looks set to continue this week, dropping prices through the plan.

Koinim, Turkey's largest exchange, saw a 63% increase in the volume of Bitcoin trade, while the exchanges BTCTurk and Paribu declared their volumes increased by 35% and 100% respectively, according to the CoinMarketCap data.

Unlike Iran, where the ban on bitcoin and cryptocurrency means that those who want to buy bitcoins must turn to peer-to-peer exchanges like LocalBitcoin, banks in Turkey often still cooperate with local exchanges , which means that new users can start buying and exchanging more easily.

8: UPDATE: Crypto millionaire allegedly cheated on 5,500 bitcoins

According to media reports from Bangkok Post, a 22-year-old millionaire crypto lost more than 5,500 bitcoins in an alleged scam on investments in Thailand.

The report claims that a group of Thais approached and urged the Finnish businessman Aarni Otava Saarimaa in June The launch of 2017 invests in several Thai titles, a casino in Macao and a new cryptocurrency call Dragon Coin.

The group claimed that the dragon currency could be used at the casino. They also brought Saarimaa to a Macau casino to prove the legitimacy of the plan.

Saarimaa, who bought the scheme, transferred a total of 5,564 bitcoins to the group, the report said.

Having not yet seen returns in the months after the investment, Saarimaa filed a complaint with the Criminal Suppression Division of Thailand (CSD) in January along with its local business partner who believed that the plan to investment was a scam.

The subsequent investigation claims that the group has liquidated bitcoins in Thai Baht and distributed in several other bank accounts.

The lost bitcoins are presumably worth a total of $ 24 million.

7.15am UPDATE: The cryptocurrency market loses $ 43 billion valuation

A hot week for cryptographic coins it left a considerable dent in the market value, which lost more than $ 43 billion in just five days.

Over the weekend, the market has lost over $ 8 billion alone, while investors are waiting for the Securities and Exchange Commission to decide whether to approve a bitcoin exchange offer. Traded Fund (ETF) that would see prices explode

The current uncertainty has seen every digital currency lose value in the last week, when bears have put pressure on the market. [19659004] Analysts fear the market may hit a new hard fund at $ 4,000, which will put pressure on the market to recover from the exceptional price season towards the end of 2017.

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