The price and use of Ethereum are disappointed despite rumors about ETH Futures


CBOE could launch Ethereum (ETH) futures by the end of 2018 if US regulators approved its product, anonymous sources told Business Insider on August 30th.

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CBOE, which launched the pioneering Bitcoin futures in December last year, is currently waiting for the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to "get familiar with the product before its official launch," reported the publication citing "people familiar with the issue".

The news comes in a continuous slowdown in the fate of ETH, with the price of Ethereum 0 0 levels of battles that have not been seen for almost a year.

If noisy futures go ahead, they would use Gemini's underlying market, people continued, the setup reflecting the CBOE Bitcoin setup, which also uses the Winklevoss twins platform.

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Since their launch, the Bitcoin futures of the CBOE and the CME group have had both mixed success and mixed reception, as the market bearish of 2018 through the cryptocurrency continues to pay the toll.

CME has no plans to launch ETH futures, Business Insider added referencing to CEO Terry Duffy last month.

Duffy had told Bloomberg that "he would not just put the products up there to see where they went," and that CME "will wait and see the approach with Bitcoin for now."

Ethereum Markets Stay Flat [19659003] ETH price 0 0 has yet to react to CBOE ratios, continuing to trade below $ 300 while insignificant gains of less than 0.5% that match those of Bitcoin Friday are recorded.

The greatest altcoin has faced control and distrust from multiple sources in recent months, Bitcoinist reporting last month a research that indicated that fortunes of good would not be reversed in the short term.

data from State of the DApps this week show that the most popular decentralized app on Ethereum currently has a daily active user base of around 2,000 people. Previously, DApps had seen its own controversy due to the overwhelming popularity of intentional scam products.

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