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Noah Coin is ranked just below the list of the 100 best as the 102 nd – best currency in accordance with its market capitalization of 65.2 million dollars. NOAH may not be the most trendiest currency these days, however, it gained momentum with the recent rise against Fiat.

Once the market started to show signs of rebound, Noah Coin started to rise, reaching an extraordinary 70% of earnings in the case of a single day. Until the recent case of events, NOAH resided in the top 100 coins classified as the 96th currency in the official ranking, however not many people are familiar with this blockchain-based project.

In addition, the project team recently shared a press release on Medium, stating that the team is planning to bring "cryptocurrency utopia" to life.

Noah Project is building a crypto utopia [19659002] The last increase identified in the value of Noah Coin does not seem to be a surprise when you digest the fact that Noah Project is planning the construction of an ecosystem based on blockchain at the cryptocurrency level.

Correct, Noah Coin is taking on a project of, perhaps, the largest proportions, apart from the "Decentralize the Web" project by TRON, presenting the idea of ​​creating a large physical ecosystem that would be running on assets based on blockchain, blockchain technology and distributed l edger.

As stated by the team representatives, most cryptocurrency projects have a single main objective that is reflected in the case of use they intend to bring with blockchain technology.

Other bases and blockchain startups are focusing on entire industries, as Ripple focuses on the financial and banking sectors, with the goal of becoming the main product / service / project blockchain in that area.

Noah seems to be planning to go beyond areas and targeted use cases by proposing an urban use of technology-based blockchain to create "cryptocurrency utopia".

The team also added that the mentioned project is already underway and is underway, being produced by Noah Foundation and Noah Project, clearly named Noah City.

Noah City will actually represent a cryptocurrency management property located in Manila, and Sol City, which is a cryptographic community in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The New York Times spoke about the news concerning Sol City, presented by the foundation as Noah City, claiming that there are already men who sell their real estate and pack their bags to start a new life tax-free in the city of cryptocurrencies.

The city's native currency would have been Noah Coin as described by Noah Foundation in the official mail, while the team also provided a vision of how the city should work.

Noah Coin to become the native currency of the city of Sol "Project" Noah City "

In the announcement concerning the city led by cryptocurrency, Sol City, otherwise known as Noah City, the foundation also described the way the city would work, stating that Noah's currency will be the city's home currency.

In addition, people living in the encrypted ecosystem will have the opportunity to use fiat and crypto however, citizens using Noah Coin will get discounts on their transactions.

In the bl ockchain city description, the foundation added that most of the operations will be implemented and executed with intelligent contractual operations, as Noah Coin originally completed its token sale through the use of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform.

Smart contracts in Noah City will be used for the or part of the legal, administrative and financial transactions, while the team added that the use of tokens in this city will further boost the network, since token-based discounts should attract more community members to use Noah Coin and other cryptocurrencies .

It seems that the main reason behind the recent price pump behind NOAH certainly has something, if not all, to do with the announcement of starting a paradise for cryptocurrency.

Noah Coin in the market

Noah is definitely taking hold with the latest market increase, probably caused by the announcement of Noah City (Sol City) on August 28 th the utopia of cryptocurrency.

In a single day, the NOAH managed to climb 70% against the Fiat, now trading at the price of $ 0.0021 per unit. During the last seven days, Noah Coin has also shown incredible progress against the Fiat with almost 99% of earnings, also marking 130% over the last two weeks.

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