The new status of the Dapps report shows that over 15% of Blockchain-based apps are now inactive

The New State of the Dapps report shows that over 15% of Blockchain-based apps are now inactive

It has been estimated that around 394 decentralized applications (dApps) have been abandoned. Most of the abandoned applications they were those built on blockchain-based applications. Despite the abandonment of these apps, the number of dApp is still increasing.

According to the data, it is estimated that about 394 decentralized applications (dApps) that was built on blockchain-based platforms have been abandoned. This simply implies that about 17.2% of the 2281 dApp were inactive in the year 2018.

According to reports released by State of the Dapps, abandoned applications were those built on most blockchain-based platforms such as Ethereum (ETH), EOS, POA and Steem.

Decentralized application (dApp): a source of contention

Decentralized applications (dApps) have been a cause of conflict for a long time. This is because the large number does not justify the large appraisals attached to the smart contracts. This is particularly true in the environment in which Initial offer of coins (ICO) are not feasible or seen by people in a positive light.

Number of dApp still increasing

The relatively large number of abandoned applications may not be alarming because, despite the number of abandoned applications, the total number of dApp has grown at a steady rate of over 100 per month since February.

These data surprisingly do not include the TRON 66s of network, the recent wave of mainnet launches will most likely accelerate the growth rate of dApp.

The data analyzed to obtain these reports did not include dApp built on other networks, including the very popular TRON network. The TRON network includes over 60 decentralized applications TronDicea well-known gambling dll that has been reported for paying its users well over $ 5 million in TRX.

Despite the relatively large number of abandoned projects, the number of apps has grown steadily in the last year, this data in particular does not include 66 of the TRON network, the recent wave of mainnet launches will likely further accelerate growth.

Dapp Growth Via State Of The Dapps

Although 17% of abandoned and inactive dApps may seem high, recent reports have shown that the accounts associated with these dApps tend to be inactive. Regardless of whether the EOS network has added nearly 200 copies and around 500,000 users in the last five months, around 63% of accounts are currently inactive.

Many people believe that dApp may be able to extract the cryptocurrency industry from the bear market in progress. They believe that an important adoption will make it easier to justify high valuations on the main blockchain projects.

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