The new Satoshi Challenger tells everyone – But is Legit?

  The new Satoshi Challenger tells everyone - But is Legit?


Recently we have reported new information about hunting Satoshi Nakamoto. Following a summary of suspects, we ended the relationship with the first part of an interview with a man who believes he was a member of the Satoshi Nakamoto group. Unfortunately, Phil Wilson, the man who claims to be an original member of Satoshi Nakamoto, alongside Craig Wright and David Kleiman, has no verifiable evidence because he feared government repression at the time. To continue from where we had remained during our last article, we chatted with Wilson to learn more about his story.

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Phil Wilson claims that he is 1/3 Satoshi Nakamoto

  The new Satoshi Challenger says it all - But Is He Legit?
Phil Wilson aka "Scronty."

According to Phil Wilson, a man who claims to be a member of the Satoshi Nakamoto group, is a self-taught programmer and cryptographer software. Wilson published a story called "Bitcoin Origins" last year, saying it is 1/3 of the Satoshi Nakamoto group. After the story was published, no one noticed it until the New York Times journalist Nathaniel Popper tweeted on the story on February 13th. However, Popper and many other members of the Bitcoin community rejected The original story of Wilson when Martti Malmi, one of the first developers and one of the old owners of, said, " it has never happened … Also: signature or GTFO. "

  The new Satoshi Challenger tells everyone - Is He Legit?
Nathaniel Popper tweets about the history of the origins of Wilson then explains in the following tweet that Martti Malmi told him it was not true.

Craig Wright also calls Phil Wilson a scam and a "Scam-toshi" and previously claimed that Wilson (aka "Scronty") had no involvement with the creation of Bitcoin. A profile of Disqus that allegedly belongs to Wright also shows that he tells Wilson that he is "scamming and no, there is no Prometheus project". As we mentioned in our previous report, Wright spoke of Wilson again this week by calling "Scronty". a scammer and an extortionist, and this September Wright says he plans to publish evidence of this claim. Following these statements, Wright also wrote another tweet about Wilson's claims.

"There is one reason why Phil Wilson is not in any of the communications, yet he knows the details of the bitcoin (with critical errors)," explains Wright on September 1 . "Company hard drives were bought and sold by a former employee in 2015. Never trust anything you steal." We added false information like "Easter eggs" for this reason. "

Phil Wilson confirms that his story is legitimate and he believes he has every right to say it, even without proof. He does not care that people consider him a "madman in the corner of the web" and he believes his stories of origin are significant to the early bitcoin times. The fact is that there are many suspects involved in the mystery Satoshi Nakamoto, and even some who claim to be Nakamoto or a part of the group. But so far no person who claimed to be Satoshi has proved satisfactory to the general public, because most of the evidence has been circumstantial and some say invented. Here is the rest of our two-hour discussion with Phil Wilson otherwise known as Scronty.

"Without verifiable evidence, no one can claim to be Satoshi"

News.Bitcoin. com (BC): I'm sure you've seen Craig's recent comments. What do you have to say about them?

Phil Wilson (PW): Craig appears to be a bit aggressive towards an alleged "non-body".

BC: Ok. But you say you worked with Craig and Dave?

PW: Initially I was trying to help Craig with his attempt to get an electronic cash. I left his project in mid-May 2008 when it became clear that it would never work. Then I started my project at the beginning of June 2008 and I brought Dave and Craig to help me.

BC: Would it be the original customer?

PW: Yes, what everyone knows as Bitcoin has evolved from my project, not from Craig's. In practice nothing is left from its code. Only the generic cryptographic functions were taken from its code base (which was copy / pasted from elsewhere). The white paper he was working on before 2007 was effectively rejected. It was complete trash. Only a mixture of white papers from other people.

BC: You say you have no concrete evidence to confirm your story. It's true? Only you say that if someone contacts & # 39; Bitboy & # 39 ;, would know about the creation of the logo and could confirm your history of origins. But Bitboy seems no longer around at least since 2015.

PW: Exactly. Bitboy's last bitcointalk activity appears to be at the end of 2015. He is a Chinese native who lives abroad. I'm pretty sure it was only a time zone away from me, so it's probably in Indonesia.

  The new Satoshi Challenger tells everyone - Is He Legit?
Martti Malmi, one of the first developers and members of the Bitcoin community, says the story of Phil Wilson is false.

BC: Ok so why do not you have any concrete evidence?

PW: Without any verifiable proof, no one can claim to be Satoshi. As the story says, I deleted everything. If you had people boasting messages on a bulletin board that were paying thousands of people to private investigators to track you down, you would do it the same way.

If private individuals did, then probably the three-letter agencies were also investing resources to track you down.

BC: Why does Craig call you fraud and extortion?

PW: Craig has "problems". I could only blackmail or extort myself if I had verifiable proof.

Trials or documents or something. I have nothing. In e-mails at the end of 2016, I was asking * him * for development emails between us. I do not know who the trustees are, where they take place, etc. I've been completely dependent on Dave to keep those secrets.

BC: Are you a keychain?

PW: Mine is the GMX key. The backdated to trap Craig if he tried to use it. I had Dave to keep it (so I would have nothing on my machines if someone knocked on the door). He must have given Craig a copy for security.

BC: Craig is the only one left with all the secrets?

PW: Craig has only some of the secrets. I had Dave who kept everything mine and kept him from telling Craig. I do not have keys, documents, e-mails, IRC logs, etc. This is indicated in the Bitcoin Origins story in the disclaimer. So I can not confirm anything. I can only be plausible.

BC: So why do you want people to know that you had a part in all this without proof?

PW: For the Bitcoin History of origins, I think it is important for people to have the opportunity to see the thought process behind the resolution of an impossible problem. Encourage others who are told to stop working on a solution that no one else has invented. The instructions of the Orange Bitcoin logo (and the instructions of the gold coin logo of February 2010) are an important part of the Bitcoin story of which the public has never been informed.

The only people who knew the orange logo were me, Bitboy and Dave. Craig was never told that he designed and wrote the instructions for the orange logo so that if he ever turned against me, I would be able to show something he had never known. A handful of helpers in the external Satoshi group received the drafts of these instructions (only for the Bitcoin B symbol). Only I knew the instructions for the part of the gold coin of that logo.

Craig gave his word that he would never pretend to be Satoshi. He never claimed to be the inventor of technology. He would never allow others to believe he had invented the technology. And, when I gave him permission, he had to publish publicly using the Satoshi handle on Bitcointalk that I was the one behind it all. Craig broke his word.

BC: Do you think Craig will present something for you this month?

PW: He is claiming that I was blackmailing or extorting it for money. You can do it only with some kind of proof, which I do not have. All I did in a few e-mails was to ask what happened to my half of the coin. I never expected him to take this view that I was a scammer and a scammer.

I thought he would be happy to finally be able to get in touch with him. Of course, at that moment, only a few memories were back and it would be another year before I remember him becoming another Jamie Wilson's partner so he could push me out of W & K.

BC: Why not? is there mention of you in W & K documents?

PW: Dave wanted me to be the authorized officer. I accepted. I told Dave that I did not want my real name to be publicly associated with W & K in case things went south. He told me that an authorized officer had to make their details public. I told him to find another way, even if he hosted me in a trust or offshore company and that the company or trust is the authorized officer. I made sure I did not know the details.

BC: Talk to Ira Kleiman?

PW: We exchanged emails from the beginning of 2017. I knew that the judicial case was coming, however, I was asked to keep quiet For his part, he only wants documented evidence of the role by Dave in the Bitcoin saga. For my part, I wanted you to send me any information on Dave's side about me.

BC: Do you think Craig has wronged Dave's family and property?

PW: He hurt us all. However, without proof, there is only so much you can do.

BC: Ira would have given you some of the proceeds if he had won the court case?

PW: Without proof, I doubt that Ira would give me anything. And it should not under any circumstances. From everyone's point of view, I could be a crazy fool in a corner of the web. If you encourage those with the documentation to take a step forward and show what really happened, then having the story out there is a bonus. When I did that post on the NOPs and a couple of people asked a few questions, it was not in the expectation that it would explode like that.

BC: You agree that both you and Craig are missing evidence

PW: There is a lot of psychology and manipulation of the masses involved throughout this. Not from me, of course. I have not started playing yet.

  The new Satoshi Challenger tells everyone - Is He Legit?
A profile of Disqus claiming to be Craig Wright argues with Scronty calling him a "scammer" on an old news story.Bitcoin. com article

BC: You said to consider yourself a "nobody". Why is Craig considered a "someone" who is respected by certain groups of people in this community?

PW: Perception of authority. People are busy to be attracted to those who appear to be an authoritarian figure. He definitely has some keys around, so he can only be selective to prove himself to certain people. Keeping the keys does not mean they're yours. However, it is much more than anyone has ever done on the planet.

They still have to be locked up in trust. Initially, by signing with PGP keys, the trustees had to release some. Later, when the multi-sig was coded, they would have to be transferred to new multi-sig addresses. I do not know what was actually accomplished.

BC: Why would you ever want to literally remove everything that was related to you and Satoshi Nakamoto identity?

PW: So, we were all worried about how governments and banks would take the technology. Plausible denial for everything. If someone's IP leaked, they would not come back to me.

What do you think of the story of Phil Wilson? Do you think he is telling a fairy tale or do you think that there is any truth in his words? Let us know what you think of this topic in the comments section below.

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