The new EOS21 protocol allows ether tokens to be "teleported" on the EOS blockchain


A new EOS The protocol, called EOS21, allows the Ethereum and EOS blockchains to communicate with each and "teleport" the Ethereum tokens on the EOS blockchain without any loss of functionality.

The protocol was developed by the Spanish software company shEOS, which is dedicated to the development of EOS. The team believes that interoperability is a fundamental requirement in the development of blockchain.

The team said in a blog post:

How much would it be empowering for developers to have the freedom to move their tokens on any chain they wanted? To any chain they felt better respond to the needs of their particular project. It is known that each blockchain offers some qualities that make it more attractive depending on the needs of the dApp developer.

How the EOS21 protocol works

The protocol works by destroying Ethereum token and subsequently creates them on the EOS blockchain. Once teleported to the destination chain, the token will no longer exist in a fungible form on the chain of origin.

Two-way token travel and token transfer between EOS secondary chains are also considered for future development. The team is encouraging developers to customize, review and enforce the code. The GitHub page of the EOS21 protocol offers more details.

Blockchain interoperability it is one of the many fundamental characteristics that are absolute requisites for the growth of the sector. If distributed registers are designed to create flexible, free and highly organic economies, then the ability of registries to communicate with each other has a very important role, allowing these independent ecosystems to cooperate with each other, rather than compete.

However, regardless of whether the ability to migrate tokens between EOS and Ethereum can help or hinder both platforms is indeterminable. Development is still too early to make such a conclusion.

sheos it is a group of largely female blockchain development that stands out in a space that is still, for the most part, dominated by men.

As the company vision states:

We are committed to ending the gender gap for women in finance and technology. It is at the heart of our mission to increase the number of women in the EOS community. We are committed to educating and encouraging women to become developers and build on the EOS platform.

Women have made efforts to ensure that innovation is not determined by single men, with the Women in Blockchain Global conference e Women on the block giving them the space to leave their mark on the future.

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