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The market suffers a further decline, eliminating $ 4 billion in an hour

After a generally lackluster holiday, the cryptographic markets have seen another considerable drop today, one still ongoing at the time of writing this article. So far, the markets have lost about $ 4 billion in just a couple of hours, and it seems we can test further down.

Capitalization of the currency market / Bitcoin predominance

Starting from this capitalization, the market capitalization is about $ 121,539,278,658 and down, up to over $ 4 billion in a few hours and almost $ 10 billion for the day. The dominance of Bitcoin is approximately constant at 52.6%.

Current Bitcoin price: $ 3,671.54.

Top 10

All the first 10 coins are slipping into red at various levels. So far the hardest hit is again Bitcoin Cash (BCH) down by 11.29% to $ 152.95. Not far behind Ethereum saw losses of -8.44% to $ 119.03.

The biggest winners / losers

In the top 100 only a few coins are currently active, and most of these are actually stablecoins. As previously reported by Chepicap, Eternal Token (XET) is still leading the market, but has now increased from 140% to only 28.34% and is priced at $ 0.662. The nearest currency is MobileGo (MGO) up 8.02% to $ 0.40.

We hope this dive will not last too long and we can get back on track soon, but so far this winter has not done any favors to the market, so we'll see.

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