The Litecoin Foundation reveals further details of the first annual summit

  The Litecoin Foundation reveals further details of the first annual summit

As a growing number of cryptocurrency innovations and blockchain filter into the United States, Litecoin Foundation announced its first annual summit, to be held from 14 September 15th the South San Francisco Convention Center.

Litecoin Heads to San Francisco

The concept of cryptocurrency is a growing field of interest, which Litecoin (LTC) aims to exploit in the effort to educate and influence "the adoption of mass," According to the founder Charlie Lee. The event will show real demonstrations with companies trying to follow the cryptocurrency purchasing tactics as part of their infrastructure through the foundation's #PayWithLitecoin campaign.

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Before implementing the cryptocurrency, participants will have the opportunity to experience an on-site virtual store that will provide an example of how the crypto-purchase works. In addition, the speakers will discuss the regulation of cryptocurrency, the future of all currencies and the Lightning Network an almost instantaneous and scalable form of blockchain that bypasses the typical confirmation times of the blockchain.

Further topics that will be highlighted during the event include sidechains, smart contracts and RootStock; the importance of non-custodial portfolios; cryptocurrencies from the perspective of a venture capitalist; and a myriad of tips.

Most cryptocurrency organizations have developed a starting point in Asia, with Litecoin registered in Singapore. With the assistance of full-time employees and volunteers, Lee intends to increase state-of-the-art currency technologies as a social asset, rather than just large-scale investment vehicles.

In a press release, Lee said: [19659012] "We are very excited to bring this amazing training and community under one roof.In the last year there have been many things in the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. and there is no better group of people to explore current and future events We are also pleased to be able to bring together the Litecoin community. "

The two-day summit will also provide a series of networking events, including mixer for VIP guests. A 50% discount on VIP tickets is offered for a limited period with the promotional code LTCSF18. Registration can be done on the official website of the summit.

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