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The journey from Mario Kart to Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, in less than two minutes – BlockPublisher

The first games like Mario and Space War were played in autonomous worlds. Each on a different car and online inside, not as connected to the players of Tokyo, Minnesota, Rio, Champ Elysees, Madrid and Delhi all at once. Only in the console of that bar where there are ten other consoles, but in reality no game is connected to the other, playing in a booth means only not playing there, in a great show where all the statistics were collected.

Then the games started that allowed you to play with more people, everyone had to sit in the same room with one another, within reach of the nearest controller, this happened before playing on the internet was a great option. Games like FIFA, sometimes World of Warcraft and the like are still played this way. Furthermore, #PUBG!

But since the Internet has connected players and created online multiplayer worlds, whole communities have been created, dedicated to gaming, to its fandom, to the sharing of culture and to making the world a small, small global village.

These most popular games, like World of Warcraft and Second Life, freed us from our worlds, gave us an escape, so real that we loved to live online more than at home that did not resemble those of Sims. This has also freed up geographical ties, making games not tied to bars, arcades, bars, outdoor venues that could be played anywhere, whether it be the desk or home pc.

Within these communities, people who have formed through the small chat box and the ties of animation have begun to strengthen and the games have become a melting pot of ideas and culture, something so American! People have created ways to exchange goods and services, just as a small economy has formed in any culture or community. This could be inside a game, including trading, collude and what not. This could be done through an agreement within a gaming chat, an external chat or a formal platform for buying and selling as Ebay.

After game developers became aware of this, they tried to capitalize on the moment and then tried to create games that would allow users to purchase updates and articles with fiat currency. But the fiat is never good enough.

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