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The ISBG-Bengal Blockchain project approves the BaaS solution for counterfeiting in the quality liquor market


LAS VEGAS, NV, 27 December 2018 – International Spirits and Beverage Group Inc. (OTCQB: ISBG) ("ISBG" or "Company"), an incubator of high-level brands in the global market of Wine & Spirits and Bengala Technologies LLC, ("Bengal"), a development company specializing in bespoke technology solutions with blockchain experience and distributed ledger technology – together, the ISBG-Bengal Blockchain Project (the "Project") – are excited to announce further progress towards the release of a logistics and supply chain management platform that tracks all the elements involved in the production of alcohol ranging from the farmer to the retailer – including registration, displacement, monitoring, sale, purchase , quality control, paperwork, import, export, taxes and inventory.

The project leaders cite the recent revelations about the counterfeiting spread in the market of top quality Scottish whiskey as a sign of encouragement that this technology represents an important innovation for the market.

"It is terrible to see clear evidence of counterfeiting in the Scottish premium market," commented Arnaldo A. Detrés, CEO of Bengala Technologies, LLC. "However, it clearly indicates a great need for our supply chain logistics and management platform, which could have prevented this abuse if it had been a standard tool on the market in recent years."

The ISBG-Bengal Blockchain project is a revolutionary interweaving between blockchain and Internet-of-Things technology. The project is producing a complete solution for the management of products for the beverage industry with applications beyond this market.

"Consumers require trust," continued Detrés. "Do not be surprised to see the recent revelations on the old Scottish market influence the wide choices of consumers.While we implement our platform, we will provide Blockchain-as-a-Service in the logistics space.Our platform will provide the players of the spirit market with a tool for regain that trust. "

The project is a blockchain company and Fintech which represents the partnership between ISBG and Bengala Technologies LLC, ("Bengala"), a development company specializing in tailor-made technological solutions with blockchain experience and distributed ledger technology. The platform is a combination of the Internet of Things and Blockchain to produce a complete product management solution for the beverage industry. The company is creating a single functionally integrated decentralized system designed to simplify all phases, from the farmer to the bartop or to the false ceiling, including logistics and marketing.

International Spirits and Beverage Group (ISBG) is an authorized importer, licensor and distributor of premium beverage brands, with innovative product sales and brands worldwide. Based in Nevada, the company's expertise lies in the strategic development and rapid aggressive growth of its brands and in the creation of these brands as profitable and profitable as an incubator. ISBG intends to cultivate emerging brands through critical phases of market development, including conceptualization, go-to-market strategy, supply chain and logistics engineering, integrated marketing and distribution. In addition, ISBG has established itself as a health and wellness company with the goal of redesigning the CBD product market through nanotechnology processes at the forefront, developing a wide range of gummies and beverage-based formulations. nano-infused CBD. These products will be sold through the Company's website, as well as through established distribution and retail channels. The company has also collaborated with Bengala Technologies for the development and commercialization of company and B2B technological products aimed at the logistics and supply chain market.

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