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The impact of the blockchain | TechRadar

Blockchain is revolutionizing the world as we know it today. Although it was originally designed to facilitate the transfer of cryptocurrencies, it is no longer just connected to fintech. Almost every industry benefits from technology, from the public sector to health care and the travel industry.

With World Blockchain Forum hosted in London two weeks ago, and Blockchain Live coming up later this month, September proved to be the month of the fintech. Not just in the United Kingdom, but all over the world. We have seen more and more blockchain-based conferences and forums, while the influence of technology is increasingly hot in the international media.

Investoo Group one of the largest lead generation financial companies in the world, has therefore decided to share ideas on 5 ways in which blockchain technology is affecting society.

1. The multinationals that adopt the blockchain

While important multinational corporations such as EY and IBM adapt payment networks in digital currency, solidify the fact that the blockchain will not go anywhere in the near future. Leading companies are no longer able to ignore its crucial benefits, especially in the financial sector. With some companies still experimenting with technology through program testing, others have proudly integrated it into their systems, including JPMorgan and Microsoft .

2. The growth of global acceptance

We have also seen more skeptical nations including China and Iran that are starting to be more open to technology. Although China has previously expressed cryptocurrency reservations, the People & # 39; s Bank of China has now adopted the testing phase of its blockchain commercial finance platform. Iran has also accepted the crypt extraction as an industry at the start of this month.

3. Impact on the sustainable objectives of the United Nations

By proving its crucial global impact, blockchain is helping the main UN organizations, to achieve their sustainable development goals by 2020 . The influential programs of the United Nations are experiencing extremely positive progress in their technology, including the Building Block of the World Food Program. 100,000 Syrian refugees in Pakistan and Jordan have successfully received assistance through the program since January 2018 according to the Forbes Technology Council .

4. Revolutionizing health care

Blockchain offers important benefits for the health sector, which has actively integrated it into its data recording systems. Thanks to these advances, a higher health care standard could be developed within the sector. By enhancing the ability to collect and analyze medical data, in order to ensure the secure privacy of individuals' data, technology offers critical improvements and developments.

5. Influencing the travel industry

Blockchain has successfully entered the global travel industry. Many airlines and hotel companies, including Lufthansa and citizenM hotels, have incorporated their technology while dealing with customer transactions. Luggage can be traced more easily thanks to the blockchain, while speeding up identification services, saving time and increasing efficiency.

Based on the above, we expect the global influence of technology to continue to grow and expand as innovation becomes an authoritative figure in problem-solving processes across all sectors.

David Merry, CEO of Investoo Group

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