The icon of cosmetics Datuk Seri Vida is launching its cryptocurrency and is called Lavida Coin, Business Insider


The millionaire Datuk Seri The dott. Hasmida Othman is creating her cryptocurrency.
Facebook / Petua Dato & # 39; Seri Vida

The magnate of fashion and business Datuk Seri Dr. Hasmida Othman, or as she is more known, Datuk Seri Vida,


The millionaire is preparing over time by launching his cryptocurrency called "Lavida Coin".

The bubbly socialite, which is widely popular with over two million followers on its Instagram page, is expanding its cryptocurrency business, reported The Star.

He had this idea after obtaining a healthy income from his investments in cryptocurrencies two years ago.

The 46-year-old personality made his fortune through his cosmetics empire, and occasionally ventured into the entertainment industry as a singer.

Regarding the development of its cryptocurrency, a team of professionals has been recruited to give a hand in details of its project.

He said: "I believe that Lavida's currency is cheap and capable of generating a good amount of money for investors."

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