The ICO are withdrawing Ethereum while Justin Sun says "Migrate" to TRON


Ethereum (ETH) may have lost nearly 90% of its value in 2018, but this did not bother projects that raised funds through ICO, the data show.

Aragon withdraws over 51,000 Ethereums

In its latest edition focused on ICO scales, Diar reveals that ETH 00 withdrawals from the developer teams declined as the year progressed (with the exception of September), but in November they had a slight U-turn in their withdrawal habits.

This month's unstoppable trend is Aragon, which this week withdrew a total of 51,934 ETH ($ 5,354,395) from its treasure.


Aragon raised $ 25 million in May 2017 for its solution that allows users to "create organizations, companies and communities without global bureaucracy".

In November, other projects also saw larger ETH moves than the average, including Status, which withdrew 28,000 ETHs and Hero, which removed just over 21,000 ETHs.

"… Although November saw an increase in downward pressures, this actually did not happen on the back of the draws from the developer teams," Diar commented summing up the results.

September, noted the publication, was the month in which the largest total ETH moves were recorded, which in the case of the largest DigixDAO holder reached in particular 71,000 tokens.

Sun appeals to "Bear Market" development teams

In the meantime, not everyone is convinced of the prospect that ICO will continue to host ETH.

In a post on Twitter, November 25, TRON CEO Justin Sun publicly called for projects to consider migrating their tokens into their network, citing the "bear market" as the main motivation for doing so. .

"In the (a) bearish market, developers (Ethereum) should immediately migrate the token to (TRON)," he wrote.

Sun said that a "transaction tax (zero)", the lack of need to finance gas transactions, the compatibility of Ethereum and the cost-free migration process among other factors should boost the process.

TRON (TRX) 00 in September of the same year he raised $ 70 million in his ICO, but the same Sun, however, expressed criticism of his support from some personalities, including the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin in September.

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