The global adoption of blockchain Enterprise starts with the release of REMME Testnet


Distributed Public Key Infrastructure Protocol (PKId) REMME released its testnet sidechain demonstrating the strongest use case for enterprise blockchain

11 September 2018 : announced REMME, developer of access management solutions based on blockchain his sidechain testnet is open for public testing by companies and developers. REMME testnet offers companies the taste of the benefits that the blockchain gives in terms of security and transparency.

Since the completion of the token sales in February, the REMME development team has focused on refining its proprietary REMChain for distributed identity and access management (IAMd) and Public Key Infrastructure Requirements (PKId). The sidechain testnet release means that REMME technology is ready to be tested in a complete business environment.

Commenting on the milestone, Alex Momot, CEO of REMME, admitted: "The interoperability of blockchain and public sidechains brings the unique synergy to shape the future of corporate adoption for technology. sidechains we have developed allow companies to store key data (certificates) in a decentralized manner, eliminating individual points of failure and allowing integration with existing business systems (ERP, CRM, accounting software, etc.), while the Public REMChain guarantees high-level authenticity and security that protects data with a strong Proof-of-Service consent algorithm.
As a result, businesses enjoy the multiple benefits of blockchain technology , which still operate in the framework to which they are accustomed.We can not wait to demonstrate the efficiency and security of this system for storing key data (certificates) while we introduce u na community to sidechain. "

A pilot program that receives applications since October 2017 has attracted the interest of nearly 300 global companies that try to test REMME PKId protocol and password-free authentication system.Applicants range from small IT companies to fintech companies with over 500 million users and a telecommunications company with 640 million customers, REMME now encourages the op-dev community to join and contribute to the development and implementation of the open source protocol REMME Distributed Public Key Infrastructure.

testnet version has a number of features including REMchain block explorer for real-time blocking and transaction status control, REM token to perform testnet operations, 5-node connected REMChain node monitoring worldwide and REMME WebAuth demo application The next development phase to be introduced in the fourth quarter of 2010 implies the public REMChain powered or from a network of master-nodes operating with a custom Proof-of-Service consent algorithm.

The culmination of intensive research by the REMME development team, sidechains is the clearest sign to date that the distributed PKI infrastructure and access management systems will be successfully adopted by companies. Blockchain will act as a trusted network providing a valid alternative to password-based systems.



REMME is a distributed public key infrastructure and enterprise access management platform that replaces the traditional password-based access approach with digital certificates. Uses different PKI protocols / standards (eg SSL / TLS, x.509, etc.) And blockchain technology to protect the entire channel from attack and to help IoT, the financial infrastructure, MedTech and the blockchain companies to address the problems associated with access security shortcomings.

The key REMME components are: REMChain, REMME's native public blockchain with a Proof-of-Service consent algorithm and decentralized applications (DApps) built on it and incentivized by the REM token. [19659018] Visit the website –

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