The Ethereum operations have produced more volume in the last 24 hours compared to Bitcoin


Ethereum occupies the first place for a change.

According to CryptoCompare's top 10 chart crypto, which takes its position from the trading volume of a given currency in the previous 24 hours, Ethereum is currently the most traded currency in the industry.

Since Bitcoin still dominates in terms of market capitalization – the value of the currency currently in circulation – it is extremely rare to see it improved in terms of the amount of trading it sees in daily times, but with Ethereum it now exceeds the price of $ 150 again , and the BTC will return to $ 3,800, it would appear that traders have turned to the premier premier in the short run.

According to the data site, in the last 24 hours the total volume of Ethereum (which represents all coin combinations, through all the included exchanges multiplied by the price) has reached $ 114 billion compared to Bitcoin's $ 1.10 billion. Direct Volume – which tracks the currency only in pairs with the US dollar, still has Bitcoin well ahead, at $ 154 to $ 138 million.

He arrives at the back of a volatile two weeks for Ethereum, who saw him for only $ 100, but he surpassed $ 160 on two occasions: Christmas Eve and January 2nd. This morning, early trading (UK GMT) saw again approaching that brand, but failed to break the resistance again. However, raising from the $ 145 mark over the past 24 hours was enough to take in addition to those of the usual headliner.

In contrast, Bitcoin has faltered over the same two-week period. Having reached $ 4,300 on the 24th, it has slipped back in the last days to around $ 3,800, although it seems to be in some sort of ascendant, having reached a minimum of $ 3,650 around the 28th. As the table below shows, however, volumes have run out in the last few days as the price has become range-bound at less than $ 4,000.

It is unlikely that Ethereum will retain interest in advance of those shown at Bitcoin for a significant amount of time. The clamping range inside of which its price is oscillating would seem to indicate that soon there will be a wider move of some kind for BTC, on which the volume on the buy or sell side will line up again at a pace.

However, the event is so rare that it has emphasized.

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