The Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) communities see a unified future despite the division of the past


The Ethereum (ETH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) communities see a unified future despite the division of the past

In a classic rivalry, the story of the two Ethereums it is well known. In June 2016, approximately $ 50 million of Ether were stolen from various accounts.

He used some vulnerabilities that had been raised in a research paper, just a month before, which discussed a list of security issues with the system. As a countermeasure, the Ethereum community voted in July to implement a strong fork in the Ethereum code.

This would move the ether away to a new intelligent contract and would later be restored to the original owners. The only problem, as some members have pointed out, is that it violates the principle of immutability, the blockchain can not be altered. So some members of the community continued to use the non-working version, the Ethereum Classic.

These seeds of a controversy between the second and the sixteenth largest cryptocurrency, deriving from the aforementioned DAO trick, ensured continuous tensions in the cryptic verse. The separate Ethereum the networks remained mostly distant from the other, apart from some occasional unpleasant observation. However, recent comments and actions seem to suggest that this could come to a long-awaited end.

The Ethereum Foundation recently commented: "Divorce has been bitter, the narcissism of small differences will continue to raise our heads within our two communities.But in the end, the ETC community will always be a part of us both for the history that for the vision ".

This was in reaction to the news that the Ethereum Foundation had discovered about 15,000 ETCs in a cold wallet. Of all the things they could do, they chose the high moral level. The platform announced that it will donate all 15,000 ETCs to their counterparts of the classic Ethereum Cooperative.

The foundation believes it is time to move on and start the healing process. To this end, investing in ETC will ensure that a long-term positive sum report is maintained. In addition, the Ethereum foundation acknowledged that the move could combine both platforms or at least help "bury the war ax" to some extent.

The hope is that this will create an opportunity, to see the shared vision and the technology that exists between these once unitary communities. Therefore, help yourself to understand that having a positive working relationship is in their mutual interest.

This donation, according to the sources, is also because the Ethereum Foundation recognizes it implicitly Ethereum Classic it has some quality engineering. Some of the exciting new projects on the horizon like SputnikVM and Emerald Platform are of particular interest. SputnikVM is a more efficient virtual machine for a multitude of Ethereum-based blockchains. While the Emerald platform allows developers to create tools for decentralized apps.

Although the intentions seem genuine, however, it remains to be seen whether this nascent shift to reintegration is reciprocated or rejected. Any effort by communities to collaborate will only help towards a better ecosystem. With the consolidated power of ETH and the intriguing projects in the ETC pipeline, it will be interesting to see how this story evokes.

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