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This time last week, it was all a matter of sadness for Ethereum after a high-volume candelabra drove prices under $ 200 for the first time this year. Needless to say, since then the ETH prices have been recovered. Even if we need to see movements above $ 300, it is safe to say that aggressive traders can spread long in every dive in a shorter period of time with the only deterrence that is on September 5 candle holders. This bar continues to obscure and would probably diminish buyers' efforts in the days to come.

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Negotiation in about $ 205, ETH is a precious and sought-after digital asset. Unlike traditional goods, ETH exists on the Web and hot wallets are therefore honey pots for hackers. According to Sagasec, a computer security company that was tasked by MyEtherWallet to monitor the security of the Ether storage platform, the portfolios are definitely among the hacker's hairs. Their statistics indicate that up to 40 attacks per week according to reports are removed.

Attack vectors range from fake MyEtherWallet sites to dubious social media ads or redirects from e-mails addressed to Gullible ETH coin holders. Regardless, Sagasec has been very successful. So far, there have been no cases where account holders have complained that they have lost funds through malicious hacks. This pales in comparison to those of the exchanges. Cryptographic exchanges have so far succeeded in printing over $ 550 million in losses.

While MEW is doing a great job, the value of ETH, different from the price, is a matter of contention. It seems as if Jeremy Rubin has triggered an important topic in the blockchain domain. With his argument on economic abstraction and the projection that ETH could plunge to zero, the subject is now shifting to the question of ETH reserve. In economics, the reservation request is the time that the owner of the currency is willing to hold before exchanging it with goods or services. Economists argue that the recent sell-off is triggered mainly by ICO fund managers who have liquidated their DA fueling the frenzy of sales. This means that at the moment the ETH reserve request is low, as ICO project managers are not willing to risk blocking their project as an ETH price.

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<img class = "wp-image-350732 size-full" src = " /09/17200834/Ethereum-Weekly-Chart-Sep-17.png "alt =" Ethereum Price Analysis [19659009] Weekly chart of the price of Ethereum for trading view

On a weekly basis, the ETH is on With the level of participation in the market in the last week, it is likely that we could see confirmation.To consolidate this statement is the marked increase in trade volumes.This is beyond the long wick of the last week that signals the entry of buyers.

Even if the sellers have an advantage and negotiate inside this burst model of the week ending August 12, our Ethereum pricing forecast depends on the speed with which the bulls of the ETH would drive prices towards $ 300 – our immediate highs in the coming days [19659004] After all, prices are exchanged inside that high-volume candle holder and technically this means that sellers are in charge.

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After confirmation of that mid-week morning, the ETH bulls do not they are slowing down.

So far, prices have risen by seven percent on a weekly basis, but in a discouraging way down six percent in the last day. All in all, our previous Ethereum pricing analysis is true.

While risk traders can start charging longs at current prices with targets of $ 250, conservatives or risks on Ethorium bulls should expect conclusive interruptions and close above $ 300 before buying in drops.

Disclaimer: The opinions and opinions expressed are those of the author and are not investment advice. Trading any form involves risks, as well as your due diligence before making a commercial decision.

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