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Tuesday's edition of our daily roundup is full of trivia, snippets and other terms used to describe short stories that deserve to be told. On this day, September 4, we bring you news of an important securities trading company by climbing into the blockchain bandwagon, the bitcoin ATMs that proliferate in Europe, and the brave browser hits another milestone.

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Wirex adds Ethereum

  Wirex granted electronic money license in the UK Cryptocurrency portfolio and Wirex debit card she kept busy. After receiving the license for electronic money in the United Kingdom the London-based company has added support ethereum. Wirex users, who previously could convert BTC, LTC and XRP into their national currency and spend them on their plastic or virtual card at will, can do the same with ETH starting today.

"As the second highest value of cryptocurrency after Bitcoin [by market cap] the place of the ETH portfolio on the Wirex app is unquestionably deserved," said Wirex co-founder Dmitry Lazarichev. "We are delighted to be able to offer this popular encryption, but the growth of our product does not stop there, we have some interesting new services in store and our newly earned FCA license for e-money has opened the door to other products and places in the next future. "

Greece is preparing to accept more ATMs Bitcoin

  Bitcoin ATM now In The Thousands Around the World As the saying goes," The virus is spreading ", the virus is cryptocurrency, in particular a strain that attacks the devalued fiat currency, while strengthening the independent deflationary digital currencies that can not be frozen or seized by malevolent powers. Today we reported on Netcoins to provide 21,000 of its ATMs with bitcoin compatibility in cash, allowing the purchase of BCHs in Canada, Europe and Australia. This story can be increased by the news that Greece is destined to increase its share of ATMs in cryptocurrencies.

Reportedly, a handful of ATMs will be added to major cities in mainland Greece, each of which will facilitate the purchase and sale of core bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin and dash. These will integrate the existing automatic crypters located in Athens and Thessaloniki. While the Greek economy has started a slow recovery from the collapse that has swept the island nation in the middle, there is still a long way to go before growth approaches that of its most prosperous states. The greater availability of cryptocurrencies for citizens who have lost confidence in the tax policies of their elected officials can only be a good thing.

Deutsche Börse Greenlights Blockchain Research Team

  The Daily: Wirex adds Ethereum, Deutsche Börse Embraces Blockchain Deutsche Börse, the Frankfurt-based company and securities trading company, set up a dedicated DLT, an asset cryptographic and a new team of market structures. The unit consists of 24 members and will be responsible for all the initiatives in the field. "The digital economy generally points to decentralization In the future, there will be more regulated peer-to-peer and less intermediary markets" commented the head of the team, Jens Hachmeister. Investing in space is one of the three pillars of the growth program that the financial market operator will pursue until 2020.

With over 5,000 employees and 2015 revenues of $ 2.75 billion, Deutsche Börse is one of the main actors. Like other traditional finance giants, it does not want to be left behind if the blockchain technology will be at the height of the uproar and will become an integral part of the global economy for years to come. "Looking at the pace of technological progress and the potential for transformation in the blockchain, we are probably at the start of a new era that could be disruptive to the whole industry," noted Jens Hachmeister. "The challenge is that we do not know exactly where this will lead."

Bitcoin Cash illuminates British homes

Every week, new stories reach us from retailers who accept bitcoin money as payment. The last trader to embrace BCH is Dynamo Led Displays . The director of the company, Daniel Reynolds, explains: "We have digital music, digital films, digital shopping and therefore it seems inevitable that a strong market leader will emerge in the cryptocurrency and from our point of view the low transaction fees are an attraction We are a forward thinking and creative company and everything that is trying to break the status quo calls for us, so BCH and Dynamo seemed like a natural choice. "The company specializes in LED scrolling tickers and indoor and outdoor lighting for domestic use

  The Daily: Wirex adds Ethereum, Deutsche Börse Embraces Blockchain
One of the video walls of Dynamo Display

Brave hits 4 million users

Finally, the Brave browser has reached another important milestone. The tokenized Web browser has reached 4 million average monthly users. CEO Brendan Eich promises this is only the beginning, having set eyes on 5 million users by the end of the year and 12 million next year, increasing the number of 39; browser native BAT token utility.

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