The cryptographic markets have reached another low in 2018, is the fund for Ethereum?


This biggest one day dump of this year, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Cardano double double digits

Cryptic winter is getting colder while the markets recovered once again overnight to a new low of 2018. Total market capitalization has fallen below $ 200 billion and has continued to reach its lowest level since the end of October 2017.

Bitcoin fell briefly below $ 6k again and keeps the level just above it. With a loss of 6.5% on the day when BTC fell to $ 6.050 and ready for further declines. Trading volume fell from $ 6.6 billion to just over $ 5 billion at the time of writing.

Ethereum crashed, taking an epic 17.5-beaten swoop to trade at $ 265. This brings it back to the price ranges in mid-2017 when sentiment was largely bullish. In the last week ETH lost 35% as its capital market has released nearly $ 15 billion. From a high of July of just over $ 500, Ethereum plummeted nearly 50%, marking its biggest decline since the beginning of January. Ethereum has not been so low since September 15th last year when it fell briefly to $ 200. Many have accused ICO's plans to have downloaded to the ETH market, as all the scrambled are being hit. The dust could be around $ 200, which has been a strong foothold for Ethereum in the past.

All the altcoins are still unloading with Cardano who achieved the most success in the top ten of 19.4% on the day. Bitcoin Cash, XRP and EOS are not far behind with losses of 14-16%. The chart of market capitalism was certainly shaken by the August routine, which continued unabated. In the top 20 there are four altcoins that have completely destroyed with a 20% drop during the day. These include Tron, Iota, Neo and Binance Coin, this last taking the biggest landfill by 23%.

Not a single coin in the top hundred is green at the moment, not even the stablecoins like Tether, Dai and TrueUSD. The biggest loss was suffered by Ark, which is down by almost 30% in 24 hours. There are nine other altcoins with a decline of over 25% at the moment including Kucoin Shares, Bitcoin Private, Zilliqa, Icon, Augur and 0x.

The total capitalization of the crypto market hit a new 2018 low of $ 189.6 billion a few hours ago a loss of $ 30 billion in just 15 hours. The day when they are down by nearly 12%, which is one of the biggest daily dumps in the year. Currently the market capitalization is $ 193 billion with a daily trading volume of $ 15 billion. Things still seem very precarious in encrypted land.

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