The cryptocurrency TMTG aims to rank among the top 5 of the market value


TMTG was developed to work on the developer platform, Digital Gold Exchange, from which the TMTG can be used to purchase digital gold MDG. MDG can be exchanged for gold ingots starting from 10g. This attracted a lot of attention even before the listing.

The day before the listing, a DGE official stated that his goal is "to rank among the 5 best cryptocurrencies in market value".

The market response was that "while TMTG brings positive values, the current regulation and the public opinion on cryptocurrencies is not favorable: to rank in the top 5, the market value of TMTG must to be valued at over [US$ 25 billion so it remains to be seen how this takes place. " According to Coin Market Cap, Bitcoin currently ranks at number 1 of market value at US $ 131,949,051,438 and ATMCoin at number 5 of United States $ 22,596,245,337 .

DGE is in the process of finalizing the integrated development of platforms and cryptogames and the gold supply agreement with the foreign gold grants.

CEO Kwag said: " W and we are confident that with our additional listings by the end of this year, the launch of new cryptogames and affiliation with other global platforms, TMTG will create a new paradigm for users . "

TMTG will also be listed in one of the 20 major global exchanges, CoinSuper, on 16 August ° .

SOURCE Digital Gold Exchange (DGE)

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